Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk - Anywhere Away From Here (Official Video)

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Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk - Anywhere Away From Here (Official Video)
Listen: rnbm.lnk.to/AAFH

From the album Life By Misadventure:



Rag’n’Bone Man:


Wild and running
Fearlessness is burning bright
We knew nothing ‘cause out of sight is out of mind
Before we ever learnt the fear of being bold
Before we ever were afraid of the unknown

When the lights go up
I don’t think I told you I don’t think I told you
That I feel out of place
Pull me underground
Don’t know if you notice
Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of somewhere else
Anywhere away from here
Anywhere away from here
Anywhere away from here

We sold our souls and we lost control
With more doubt than hope
Glass half empty Discontented from growing old
Through all the failed attempts at trying to belong
I over think the obvious when I’m alone

When the lights go up
I don’t think I told you I
don’t think I told you
That I feel out of place
Pull me underground
Don’t know if you notice
Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of somewhere else
Anywhere away from here
Anywhere away from here
Anywhere away from here

Oh, when I close my eyes
Oh, when I close my eyes
I wish I could disappear

When the lights go up
I don’t think I told you
Don’t know if I told you
That I feel out of place
Pull me underground
Don’t know if you notice
Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of somewhere else
Anywhere away from here
Anywhere away from here
Anywhere away from here

Kylie Murray
Kylie Murray Vor 4 Stunden
Awesome guys hits the spot 🙌
Gabrielle Herrmann
Gabrielle Herrmann Vor 4 Stunden
Ein besonderer Stil der sehr inspirierend ist
Vanessa K
Vanessa K Vor 5 Stunden
I honestly spend most of my time asleep or daydreaming cause it's so much more interesting than being awake and unemployed 😴😢
Laciakay Tulloch
Laciakay Tulloch Vor 6 Stunden
Can you believe I'm listening to this song right now when I'm at a phase and a place in my life that I don't want to be. I don't want to be here but I don't want to be umgrateful and I'm not ready to die. I pray I come back here someday when I find back my happy place
Nikki Budders
Nikki Budders Vor 6 Stunden
When the duet singers' voices work well together
crazy chickx
crazy chickx Vor 7 Stunden
This song is amazing!!!
Darren Morrell
Darren Morrell Vor 7 Stunden
This is so good, real music performed by true musicians, not by idiots off Internet and reality tv
Maraya Navedo
Maraya Navedo Vor 7 Stunden
But like what about a pink and demi collab 🤔
mark jeffers
mark jeffers Vor 8 Stunden
Great song two great singers just love to see pink Live one day
Rebecca Lane
Rebecca Lane Vor 8 Stunden
Goosebumps from head to toe.
Darlene King
Darlene King Vor 9 Stunden
Just love this! The lyrics hit so close to home. I wonder if my daughter was thinking the same in the months leading up to her death. Miss her so damn much!!
Björn Hilgenberg
Björn Hilgenberg Vor 10 Stunden
the news today (at the moment of time) terrible! The days with Covid 19 😔... this Song @ this time amazing!! The Combo amazing!!! I hope we see more and can hear the beautiful vioces of both!!! 😍😄😄 Thanks you for this song and the 👍 nice combination of both singer!!!
Tabitha Dunn
Tabitha Dunn Vor 11 Stunden
My god. So beautiful ❤
pdiddypop esco
pdiddypop esco Vor 11 Stunden
carrie-ann marshall
carrie-ann marshall Vor 12 Stunden
Would love to hear this Live gives me goosebumps ❤❤❤
Valerie Banks
Valerie Banks Vor 13 Stunden
Just plain beautiful ...
Martin Allingham
Martin Allingham Vor 14 Stunden
This is a beautiful song that will become a classic !! but no one could beat you two doing it Thanks it is fantastic
Julie Macbeth
Julie Macbeth Vor 14 Stunden
absolutely adore you both . but you two together are awesome . Thank you. Two amazing voices xx
David Costello
David Costello Vor 14 Stunden
Wow,beautiful 🎹😍
Lenka Botonkova
Lenka Botonkova Vor 15 Stunden
Nathan Harrison
Nathan Harrison Vor 15 Stunden
Great song Rory thank you 👍👊
Lee Clarke
Lee Clarke Vor 15 Stunden
I love this song 💕
Roger Alves Galvão
Roger Alves Galvão Vor 15 Stunden
I love this song! You both are talented! Sing more together!!
Heather Baron
Heather Baron Vor 16 Stunden
Beautiful song amazing singing voices
niki milou
niki milou Vor 16 Stunden
Wow! it took me 5 sek and i was in LOVE
Super Dinda
Super Dinda Vor 17 Stunden
the strenght within you is unbreakable
the strenght within you is unbreakable Vor 18 Stunden
Hey Dear whoever is reading this, I wish there was a way for everyone to erase all sadness and stress and just replace it with happiness. You have an entire galaxy and a beautiful life ahead of you. Nothing in life is ever easy, but what's important is that YOU keep going! Youre worthy of love and happiness, never allow anyone to tell you otherwise! I wish all of you plenty of health and strenght during these tough times. You are loved, you are strong, you got this! Never forget that! Sending much Love over from Germany ♥️
sandra bb
sandra bb Vor 19 Stunden
maravilloso Rag´n Bone Man te descubri sin querer y no paro de sorprenderme con tu voz!!
Virginie s59
Virginie s59 Vor 21 Stunde
@Rag'n Bone Man sa voix me prend toujours aux tripes et là le duo avec @Pink juste 🙏 wahou. Merci j'adore. Je ne comprend pas les paroles mais j'adore
SaraL1965 Vor 22 Stunden
Just Wow!
Carmel Lewis Lapthorn
Carmel Lewis Lapthorn Vor 22 Stunden
What a beautiful performance thank you, it touched my very soul
Jessie Karena
Jessie Karena Vor Tag
Omgosh love This song.. Thank you 🙌🙏🌹💕💕
Rebecca Washburn
Rebecca Washburn Vor Tag
I couldn't sleep and found this song!!! Just absolutely beautiful!! I've got goosebumps!! This song takes me to a place!!😍🤗😀 #repeat
Klanger Klanger
Klanger Klanger Vor Tag
Wow just...Thanks.
James Gleeson
James Gleeson Vor Tag
One thing I really like about the music industry is how the established singers enable us to hear new talent. Lovely duet. Accompanying video production is cool as well
Frosty Vor Tag
Always been a fan of pink for a long time then rag ' n ' bone man appears and he's also on my fan list then they colab and smash this one out....! WOW!! If this song don't make you think what's going right and wrong in your life ........Nothing will.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Vor Tag
I m a 31 y.o. man crying on bed like a little boy feeling left alone...I guess it doesn't get any easier with time!
maggie miles
maggie miles Vor Tag
Liquid gold that’s all I can say x
Mik Hughes
Mik Hughes Vor Tag
Driving licence
yeet wada
yeet wada Vor Tag
Music for the soul , a different level ..beautiful
AllThingsBTS_ ProudA.R.M.Y
AllThingsBTS_ ProudA.R.M.Y Vor Tag
Sweet duet, their voices blend perfectly together
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Vor Tag
TY for this song!/ collaboration 💓
fred Vor Tag
Plantmagic6 Vor Tag
Pink looks fab like a wolf like pixy. Its a great record . Is the video about a couple who don t get on?
Shadøw Vor Tag
Such an amazing song. Omg.
Olaf Kammerer
Olaf Kammerer Vor Tag
Einfach Traumhaft!Zwei super geile Sänger!
Tânia Teixeira
Tânia Teixeira Vor Tag
2 vozes magnificas lindo💜👏🇵🇹
Carol Smith
Carol Smith Vor Tag
BetteBalterZen Vor Tag
omg, this is good
Kombašan Pracka
Kombašan Pracka Vor Tag
He sounds like a mature black soul singer. I'm surprised he isn't. Such a rich and full voice.
Kevin Burnes
Kevin Burnes Vor 3 Stunden
Don't put the blame on him he is only a human... just like the rest of us black, white, red, or brown.
Conor Byrne
Conor Byrne Vor Tag
1gangy Vor Tag
lost for words ,actually just the one ,,,,fantastic,,,
B612 Vor Tag
Sometimes I close my eyes and dream of somewhere else 🌾
jess b
jess b Vor Tag
Its currently raining and this song is hitting nicely 🌧😊👂
Rosario Abreu
Rosario Abreu Vor Tag
LunaS-phere Vor Tag
TY for this song!/ collaboration 💓
Toni Orford
Toni Orford Vor Tag
I sometimes wish that I could be away from everywhere, this song expresses on just how I feel 🧚💕🇦🇺🌈x
Shannon P
Shannon P Vor Tag
So much emotion! I believe you! Their voices compliment one another’s and they both shine. Bravo! Constructive criticism... longer song. I wasn’t ready to get off that ride yet.🤟🏻
Cathy Ameye
Cathy Ameye Vor Tag
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Vor Tag
I am 60 this year, a lifetime of regrets, its not just the lyrics, but both Rtists glorious voices, that has brought me to tears. A beautiful song.
Bern Beecher
Bern Beecher Vor Tag
Linda Bradshaw
Linda Bradshaw Vor Tag
Beautiful People Beautiful Music thank you x
George Nazy
George Nazy Vor 2 Tage
Such an awesome thing
Lucy Anna Nixon
Lucy Anna Nixon Vor 2 Tage
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Vor Tag
Mary Vor 2 Tage
Both have such powerful voices. They both sing with so much heart!
Arman Davis
Arman Davis Vor 2 Tage
I appreciate the respect he showed in his comments, but at the same time, I got stuck as soon as he opened his mouth. I'm a singer myself. His voice is amazing. 💯💯
Alyona Vor 2 Tage
Amazing voices together,what can be better?🔥🔥🔥
mini0566 Vor 2 Tage
i feel it so much ...
Pawel Grygier
Pawel Grygier Vor 2 Tage
Lady Phoenix
Lady Phoenix Vor 2 Tage
Heartbreaking Beautiful 🌹
IneptArtist Vor 2 Tage
Just.... wow
Denique Henry
Denique Henry Vor 2 Tage
Kept this on repeat from the first time I heard it great song pink never disappoint
thabiso carl
thabiso carl Vor 2 Tage
Awaiting the LIVE version ❤️
Ingridlosneslokken Vor 2 Tage
Wow. This hit hard. Beautiful
stanislava klasnakova
stanislava klasnakova Vor 2 Tage
Christina Zeissler
Christina Zeissler Vor 2 Tage
What a duett - two very cool voices and cool honest artists, love them both - repeat this please !
Roger Gates
Roger Gates Vor 2 Tage
Pink is the : G O A T
Emerald Heart
Emerald Heart Vor 2 Tage
Raynie Asquith
Raynie Asquith Vor 2 Tage
Beautiful singing god bless ya all
Sandra Eder
Sandra Eder Vor 2 Tage
Love this Song !!!!!!!
Crucita Serrano-Diaz
Crucita Serrano-Diaz Vor 2 Tage
The rawness and the emotion, priceless!
trainmanbob Vor 2 Tage
Stunning presentation of a beautiful song by 2 very gifted artists..... future classic.
Loki1kanobi Vor 2 Tage
As I found this song in Apple Music. It didn’t have a star wtf how is this not. A. Single. Smh. This. Song could’ve been longer I’d still listen.
tonyck Vor 2 Tage
Just so emotional...perfect voices make this the record of the year by far, superb !
Юля Екимова
Юля Екимова Vor 2 Tage
Thank you
Drunken Karaoke
Drunken Karaoke Vor 2 Tage
Number 1 THIS needs to be number 1 and it will be
Adele Young
Adele Young Vor 2 Tage
This song is everything and how I feel, I cried listening to this song. I don't think I told you that I feel out of place sometimes I close my eyes and dream of somewhere else. Through all the failed attempts of trying to belong!!
Rachel Riot
Rachel Riot Vor 2 Tage
Wow wow wow ❤️❤️❤️
Amy Fay
Amy Fay Vor 2 Tage
I love this god damn song omg ❤️😩
Jeroen Brouwer
Jeroen Brouwer Vor 2 Tage
What a great song! Respect!!
Joel Millington
Joel Millington Vor 2 Tage
Absolutely love this song.....on repeat XO
Box of Dreams
Box of Dreams Vor 2 Tage
Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!💕🎶💕👍💕
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Vor 2 Tage
I hate it when there are songs that go so deep into your soul. This goes to that very place you feel things that you thought you forgot or left behind.
Lisa Adcock
Lisa Adcock Vor 2 Tage
Save are children add Clare Hocking okell and u see wot this songs about ... X
Elizabeth Sevil
Elizabeth Sevil Vor 2 Tage
Beautiful words beautifully sung
Jax Haynes
Jax Haynes Vor 2 Tage
If goosebumps were audible.
Iwona Przeor
Iwona Przeor Vor 2 Tage
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Vor 2 Tage
somewhere else Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here
Sam Vor 2 Tage
2 perfect voices together, what more could you ask for.
The Velvet Lounge Life
The Velvet Lounge Life Vor 2 Tage
My god be- um u'm uuuummmmmm. So good, so good. 🙏 #thevelvetloungelife
Christina Bradt
Christina Bradt Vor 2 Tage
After losing my mom to lung cancer right before Christmas last year and not having my children right this song cuts me so deep I cry every time I hear it I definitely feel out of place and lost without the main people in my life but this song gives me hope that better days will and are coming
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