Simone Biles Speaks Out After Exit From Tokyo Olympics

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Simone Biles spoke to ‘Today’ after withdrawing from the team finals at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday. Biles may still compete in the individual finals on Thursday, telling ‘Today’ anchor Hoda Kotb, ‘We're gonna take it day by day, and we're just gonna see.’

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Hvy Duty
Hvy Duty Vor 5 Tage
So sad that is so much wasted talent
XpastelLove Vor 25 Tage
y'all need to stop saying just bc she quit and saying "Winners never quit'' blah blah blah. It's not like y'all never quit too tho don't tryna be outsmart, I recommended you to be a professional athlete for a years and see how it is. Not even a one step and y'all will fail and quit LMAO don't tell me to shut or saying I'm kiddo cuz I'm a teenager and plus at least I'm more mature than y'all saying that she's a quitter bc I was one of the people who struggling with becoming the best athlete y'all really never know how pain it is until you feel it.
Sylvia Nwachukwu
Sylvia Nwachukwu Vor 27 Tage
many of the comments here on Simone being a quitter is just extremely ignorant and quite frankly disturbing that people do not care about a person's health... if she says, she's not okay, give her the benefit of the doubt and wish her well... the hate she's getting reminds me of Chadwick Boseman whom people had insulted for getting skinnier by the day, not realizing he was ill and battling for his life till he finally passed, May his dear soul Rest in Peace... Treat Simone nicely, because you never really know the amount of pain she's enduring, till you have walked in her shoes
S Y Vor Monat
Real champions overcome adversity!
Sandra Little
Sandra Little Vor Monat
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* DEpacks: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' DEpacks: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбаков ..u お試しいただけます。
Ruth Page
Ruth Page Vor Monat
*THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* DATEUS.UNO DEpacks: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' DEpacks: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #で本当に恥ずかし、正直!
jonboy79 Vor Monat
I'm sure she will be ok, maybe she might enjoy couching
Biffalo Bull
Biffalo Bull Vor Monat
Simone, it’s difficult to stomach the boldness in which you proclaim abortion is fine just after bowing out due to mental stress. Maybe you were feeling it and stepping back was the thing to do; but please don’t jump back into center stage with such a divisive issue if you’re stress levels are high In addition, Tom Brady wouldn’t have gotten near the support you did had he bowed out after two quarters because ‘couldn’t handle it’ Guess that’s that white male privilege everyone is talking about
Nyokabi Vor Monat
PJB Vor Monat
Pathetic. I used to respect her but that is just weak.
Who's Your Daddy?
Who's Your Daddy? Vor Monat
Umm...pretty sure stress is an emotional medical. She'd be talking to a psychiatrist or psychologist ...not a "medical doctor".
Cuck Free Zone
Cuck Free Zone Vor Monat
Medical issue--- K0V1D V@kC1N3. Everyone knows it.
R&R Vor Monat
She is not a person to represent the usa in olympics . She quit any way then went back. She failed America at the olympics. The olympics isnt just a fun game it is more then that . Now the girl who won wrestling she was a amazing person and couldnt ask for more.
L13 Vor Monat
I had absolutely no interest in her or gymnastics but once I saw all the haters branding her as a quitter and mocking mental health, that just made me wanna support and defend her more lol
Peter D
Peter D Vor Monat
lmao I can't imagine Michael Phelps or Nadia Comaneci quitting out of anything
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Vor Monat
She has every right. Mental health first queen!
Amanda Buxbaum
Amanda Buxbaum Vor Monat
Given that the V has a tangible effect on the nervous system of about 45% of the people who take it, this seems clearly to be a V adverse reaction. Simone was completely tough and resilient and able to perform no matter what until this very moment? Well the timing is clear. She is an elite athlete so she knows when something is not right in her nervous system. And she is right, something is not right in her nervous system. Hopefully it is temporary and hopefully it is as simple as the difference between the hardest vault that any female human can possibly do vs “only” A more ordinary elite vault, and that she otherwise stays healthy. It is OK for us to be aware of the adverse effects of the V. It is important that we keep track of the effects that it has on us. By doing this, we all remain safer. I had some significant dizziness and brain fog and clumsiness. And it seems like most people who also got the V had symptoms like this. For most of us , no one notices much because it doesn’t impact how people see us. When I stumble a little bit when I walk, anyone seeing me would think that I just stumbled on a rock. And the news is not alerted. Now we see Simone stumble on her vault. And we see her noticing her own disequilibrium and thus not wanting to compete in that state - and the stress of the media being all over it is big! We love you, Simone! Start with lots of vitamin C and high dose fish oil for that V adverse reaction!
Napoleon Meow parte
Napoleon Meow parte Vor Monat
Give me medal because i wasn't feeling ok
FineGirl Vor Monat
She’s awesome. I hope she’s ok
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Vor Monat
Funny how right wingers all of a sudden are making videos about her. Something about these right wing youtubers seems off
sokin jon
sokin jon Vor Monat
This Queen deserves to do what she thinks is best for her
Edward Williams
Edward Williams Vor Monat
Baby in there
Mrswhipple 40
Mrswhipple 40 Vor Monat
Nice face diapers! What in the world ! SMH 🤦‍♀️ this world is f%@##*+ up
Michael T
Michael T Vor Monat
Stop with the muzzles
Lee Ann
Lee Ann Vor Monat
WHAT IS THE NEW PRESSURE PEOPLE ? This aint her first rodeo ... personally, I think her sponsors have told her to get her ass out there; as she herself said, she was supposed to be the "star" of these games, getting paid alot of money, and she thinks she doesnt have to do anything to earn it? The problem with the Biles supporters, is that they dont see the SPORTS angle like alot of us do who are sports fans ... they could care less about sports that they dont even watch or follow ... GOATS never jump ship and leave their team to sink or swim ... its not in their DNA ... the truth of the matter is Simone is 24 years old ... that's almost 85 in gymnastic years, gymnastics in its purest form is a teen sport in my opinion for ages 14-16, maybe 17-18 depending on body type and growth spurts ... I am a black woman, but I also follow sports so I see both sides ... Olga Korbut is my absolute favorite ... I admire the power and athleticism of Simone, but miss the artistry and the creativity of Nadia; the Magnificent 7, the two Dominques, Shannon Miller & Co. ... and shoutout to Kerri Strug ... ithe Russians girls are bringing artistry back and that's why they won Gold
sokin jon
sokin jon Vor Monat
Too much doping for her, it wasnt fair. As a result-Russia is 1st at both Men and women gymnastics..
Philip Bialk
Philip Bialk Vor Monat
When I was an athlete representative with Special Olympics Manitoba on the Board of Directors while playing bocce against able-bodied people and working for my Special Olympics coach at his restaurant all at the same time, I've had many ups and downs over the years. I had to fight for other athletes in the Winnipeg region and in the Special Olympics Canada chapter I belong while addressing my own concerns at my beloved workplace besides representing my province and my nation in my chosen sport and attending official events and very special occasions.
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool Vor Monat
So first it was medical now it's mental issues...
Joseph Kool
Joseph Kool Vor Monat
Why is she still there if she isnt competing?
Christian Pethukov
Christian Pethukov Vor Monat
Love those insane robot face muzzles they're making them wear. Japan are being real f--kheads about this virus. As if the wokeness didn't make the games bad enough.
Rita Rhinna
Rita Rhinna Vor Monat
Well , she was intelligent enough to know when to withdraw and give her place out instead of forcing things when she knows she was not mentally fit or up to task, congratulations to the team and more grace to Simones
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Vor Monat
So when my feelings get hurt what kind of medication should I take? B.S We call that quitting
TryBeing Gr8
TryBeing Gr8 Vor Monat
Did she call herself the "head star of the Olympics"? I mean she's an amazing gymnast but to say she's the head star of a worldwide competition that features 33 sports, 339 events, and over 11,600 athletes is really self- centered.
TryBeing Gr8
TryBeing Gr8 Vor Monat
Those masks remind me of the character Baine from Batman
P GH Vor Monat
Funny how right wingers all of a sudden are making videos about her. Something about these right wing youtubers seems off
Gentle as a 🕊
Gentle as a 🕊 Vor Monat
You will always be GOLD, in my eyes! Keep shining, young lady 🌟
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Vor Monat
When you're talented like Simone Biles...a lot of ppl put so much pressure on you. I'm glad she did what was the best for herself, and not continue.❤💪
Soul Gel
Soul Gel Vor Monat
Too much doping for her, it wasnt fair. As a result-Russia is 1st at both Men and women gymnastics..
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Vor Monat
She hard chocked. Too much pressure. Got scared. Call it for what it is. I'm fine with whatever she does, she should watch out for her health, but at least have the decency to remove the goat icon from your attire. GOATs don't quit on their team during Olympic finals.
edcar61 Vor Monat
When you get behind and quit it makes you a loser.
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Vor Monat
With Bela and Marta connected to America's rise in gymnastics, and previously Romania's rise, it sort puts them at the top of the sport, rather than the athletes. Even when
Ashley Shafer
Ashley Shafer Vor Monat
When they're not kneeling they're quitting. Welcome to Black America.
D K Vor Monat
This is why athletes should only be hyped up to insane levels when they have the talent and mental strength to back it up. A 'goat' wouldn't make two rookie mistakes then quit.
Andrew robb
Andrew robb Vor Monat
While I feel for her as she's under the spotlight competing for her country somebody should explain to her that she isn't a surgeon and nobody lives or dies by what she does, she should take herself a little less seriously and be made to understand the above by her coaches. In turn allowing her to give the best account of herself for herself and team
Ethan Woody
Ethan Woody Vor Monat
You know it sounds like this whole thing was planned out as it being her last Olympic in competing, I probably would do the same thing and just enjoy the free vacation plus the endorsements I probably don't have to pay back
Regina Queen
Regina Queen Vor Monat
Lord have mercy- praying for all those suffering from depression 🙏🏽
DanTheMan Vor Monat
So when my feelings get hurt what kind of medication should I take? B.S We call that quitting
Amanda Diaz
Amanda Diaz Vor Monat
She just exit because she knows she will not win.. as simple as that.
Marcus Wainright
Marcus Wainright Vor Monat
I'm glad she withdrew. Does no one remember Elena Mukhina. If Simone continued, not only could she have seriously hurt herself...but the girls wouldn't have even medaled at all.
Xandrea Vor Monat
This Queen deserves to do what she thinks is best for her
Chris Vor Monat
She is a strong woman for this. Doing what’s best for her. Nothing but respect for her.
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez Vor Monat
No más 🤔
James Noonan
James Noonan Vor Monat
This sort of opens the door for a potentially better gymnast to immerge in the near future. I think most people thought that if she won at this Olympics it would be fact that she's the best ever over a career and it would probably stay that way for at least 20 or so years. But now it's kind of like she's not invincible, and especially the Americans as a team. With Bela and Marta connected to America's rise in gymnastics, and previously Romania's rise, it sort puts them at the top of the sport, rather than the athletes. Even when talking about the best gymnasts ever, the only other name people mention with Simone is Comaneci. Hers and Romania's Olympics changed the sport and now the coach behind this is no longer involved. Does this mean Russia is back on top?
Meg Nakamura
Meg Nakamura Vor Monat
This would be a lot easier to take if she wasn’t wearing a leotard that had GOAT on it at the Olympic trials.
Sir Charles
Sir Charles Vor Monat
Winners don't quit (withdrawal). Losers make excuses.
Jacob Stone
Jacob Stone Vor Monat
Ms Biles is being murdered in plain sight. Someone is poisoning Ms. Biles most likely in food or drink and making it look like mental illness. Ms. Biles may never believe someone is spiking her food/drink. The harder she trys the stronger the drug works.
Kimberly Castillo
Kimberly Castillo Vor Monat
That’s the problem with America! Grow Up America! Have Courage! Make a stand! She is crying! Go Home!
Kimberly Castillo
Kimberly Castillo Vor Monat
No matter what she Failed America! Go home!
Sandy Mandy
Sandy Mandy Vor Monat
She lost her sense of orientation in mid air. It’s a loss of balance known as “The twisties”. Humans recalibrate their sense of balance from the vestibular system located inside the inner ear. It’s why the room keeps moving (you get dizzy) after you’ve stopped spinning. This was already demonstrated, and all gymnasts experience a temporary loss of orientation, similar to air pilots who can’t tell the difference between the sky and the surface. It’s sudden and can last days, even weeks, or more! The body can’t live without the mind. These are death defying stunts gymnasts perform, so keep it classy.
missy91 Vor Monat
Agreed. I know it's just a show but years ago I saw Make it or break it. When Lauren was struggling I remember Sasha saying something about that. I love Simone always will I believe she'll be okay. ❤️
Charles Hamilton
Charles Hamilton Vor Monat
I personally only care for track and field, carri would hav3 been the Olympic star everyone was focused on! Just my view!
Get Lost
Get Lost Vor Monat
Thank God for Suni Lee. Like she said she wanted to quit many of times but she pulled herself through it. The words of a True Champion !!!!
벡 Beck다니엘라 Daniella
벡 Beck다니엘라 Daniella Vor Monat
She shouldn't take part of the competition if she has struggles. There are many athletes who didn't participate this year and some of them for the same struggles. I don't know why they wait the last minute to reveal their problems. Same for the swimming competition, the American lost and started to complain because, because and because... If you don't feel good, mentally and physically, don't go to the big competitions, take care of yourself. It's not difficult to say no.
Adonna Rowe
Adonna Rowe Vor Monat
Damn Simone I love u and they are saying she can’t take her meds smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
RU 1of1
RU 1of1 Vor Monat
It’s like when you call off work sick and realize your an idiot and bored
MrBubblygoodness Vor Monat
She couldn’t handle the pressure and that’s ok. People saying she costed the team gold, but if she stayed she might even costed them more. Though I feel like her muscle memory would’ve carried her if she can just turn her mind off.
MoneyLady Vor Monat
I support her, she has to do what's best for her.
Tommy Reyes
Tommy Reyes Vor Monat
Coward. The warriors never quit
Taylor Humphries
Taylor Humphries Vor Monat
Does she not know she is allowed to mess up?
David Tolmachev
David Tolmachev Vor Monat
Stop doping
Lui Hermoso
Lui Hermoso Vor Monat
Great athlete but to early to give her the title GOAT.
Sandy Mandy
Sandy Mandy Vor Monat
She’s 24, that’s old for a gymnast. 😒
Claudia Da Costa
Claudia Da Costa Vor Monat
Giddy goose James
Giddy goose James Vor Monat
Fucking disappointment u stole someone’s spot just to bow out last minute
Tammy Michelle
Tammy Michelle Vor Monat
flower Star01
flower Star01 Vor Monat
Good for her! Gymnastics Olympics is toxic.
Amanda Gold
Amanda Gold Vor Monat
Who cares ! We should be congratulating and talking about Suni Lee .
james4592225 Vor Monat
All this Rona going around the world taking people out left and right and yall worried about a woman quitting the Olympics cause of medical issues??!! It's her life!! Let her do what she wanna do! How is your life doing people??!!
Mr. Chit
Mr. Chit Vor Monat
....horrible role model
Christopher Langan
Christopher Langan Vor Monat
she has adhd and takes riddleden. In 2016 she took riddleden medicine during the competitions and won gold BUT riddleden is outlawed in Japan so she could not take it in the Japan Olympics. Then in the Japanese Olympics, she loses focus and sucks. Shouldn’t that be the issue talked about? Is it fair to take riddleden?
priceandpride Vor Monat
She quit because she was failing
G Town Dave
G Town Dave Vor Monat
She's a quitter except when it comes to herself.
Tablet Account
Tablet Account Vor Monat
How fair was it for her to quit and dump all that pressure on her team mates last minute??? It's not like Simone had no clue she'd be under pressure. What Olympic athlete isn't? Pressure is a huge part of competing, especially at that level. It's not like the entire Olympics or even Gymnastics is all about Simone Biles or she has unequal pressure. Quit if that is what she needs to do but, go quietly, stand on your past accomplishments. She sure doesn't deserve to be glorified and rewarded for it. Quiting and walking out on your team is also not the example others or our young athletes should follow.
Quitter. She will regret it later. How do you quit on your country?...why go and waste your time?
Electrodynamic Orb
Electrodynamic Orb Vor Monat
Do they have oats in those masks?
RxHoyt Vor Monat
If you are sick, go home and see the Doctor. Never seen someone take a sick day, and stay at work.
Lee McBride
Lee McBride Vor Monat
Yes, because if Simone doesn't know what Simone needs then someone should find out what Simone really does need. Got it? And the fact that there is an elephant in the room makes it almost impossible to really discuss this objectively.
Lee McBride
Lee McBride Vor Monat
The patronizing is so gross.
Lee McBride
Lee McBride Vor Monat
Horrible masks.
Lady Mindkoff
Lady Mindkoff Vor Monat
💮💗🌟🌠💙👙🎄✨🌠✈💮✈🎋💮✈💮👙💙💙🌙👙 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Ashna Rahman
Ashna Rahman Vor Monat
people don’t realize how dangerous it is for her to continue.
Audrey Dugan
Audrey Dugan Vor Monat
The truth - if it was a twisted ankle, a dislocated shoulder Everybody would understand BUT since it is mental or emotional people don't accept it. KUDOS to Simone for realizing her limitations (at this moment) !!! There are some injuries that no one can see and prefer to brush aside. Brave Brave Simone
Leonard V
Leonard V Vor Monat
gymnastics is quite a toxic sport to be in, people do not last long and it wears you out by the time you reach your mid 20s, if you've made it that far.
Rico E
Rico E Vor Monat
You can spin it any way you want but it still boils down to SORE LOSER.
JD Vor Monat
She still calls herself the "Head Star" when she showed us she's a bum
Seeker Vor Monat
Support, love and respect for this Olympian , an incredible champion. what an amazing young woman, a champion thru and thru. Be well 🇨🇦✌🏻🙏🏻
PRS1986 Vor Monat
She just proves that BLM activists are truly sociopaths. What a loser..
Bernie P
Bernie P Vor Monat
Go suni💃
brooklynforever1990 Vor Monat
She'll always be the greatest. She's already proven herself.
a.d. W
a.d. W Vor Monat
Yeah. The pressure got to her. Goat this and Goat that. We all have our days.
Tracy Hooks
Tracy Hooks Vor Monat
Simone, Please remember you are still a hero and insperation for the gymanist of the world.
Kaylee Hughes
Kaylee Hughes Vor Monat
“Emotionally” .????? Wow, grow up
poshpearls23 Vor Monat
And I'm trying to figure out where the hell they got those masks from!!!!
Gav Brown
Gav Brown Vor Monat
She quit cos shes no backbone
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