Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers eyeing a trade for Russell Westbrook | SportsCenter

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Stephen A. reacts to the Lakers eyeing a trade for Russell Westbrook | SportsCenter
Adrian Wojnarowski joins SportsCenter to discuss the latest on the Los Angeles Lakers nearing a deal to acquire Washington Wizards star Russell Westbrook for Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and a 2021 first-round pick. Stephen A. Smith also calls into the show and reacts to the news of the potential move.

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Nelson Robleto
Nelson Robleto Vor Monat
I guess LeBron won't be the only drama queen with the Lakers!!!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Vor Monat
Build around THT from this point and big 3 are going to deliver 💪🏽
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Vor Monat
I'm just shocked they actually did this I was hearing rumors of a Westbrook trade I'm just shocked they actually did it.
Joey Aguirre
Joey Aguirre Vor Monat
It’s hard to understand the excitement. This guy Westbrook is what you can call a “DAMAGED GOOD” He’s been injured severely in the past multiple times. Clearly the Lakers are trying to buy the championship. Shameful. 🤦‍♂️
Bonjouralliecat Vor Monat
How many teams hasn't Westbrook played for?
ShamimM Vor Monat
We need a Lakers Nets Final
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Vor Monat
This team is wade lebron and bosh on steroids
Raymon Torres
Raymon Torres Vor Monat
Sorry to say this but Westbrook is uncoachable. They won't won. Unless Westbrook start to listen to his team mates.
Larry B
Larry B Vor Monat
W0k3 trash ESPCNN. The downfall of these commie networks is glorious.
Larry McMorris
Larry McMorris Vor Monat
This is super smart!!! Just let Rus run the point!!
marmar Blt
marmar Blt Vor Monat
Who gives a F k what Stephen A thinks? I dont
caper087 Vor Monat
Trading cam reddish??? Why I love cam
bahamutzervn12 Vor Monat
Just the trash talking alone when russ see KD now is going to be amazing 藍 can't wait
ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος
ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος Vor Monat
if the Lakers incorporate Westbrook to pick up the pace and run the floor this can work Also Russ can lead the 2nd team when Lebron is out
s2t88666 Vor Monat
Just the trash talking alone when russ see KD now is going to be amazing 藍 can't wait
Aaron Vor Monat
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David Howard
David Howard Vor Monat
To all these imbeciles saying this is a bad move , wait until the season starts after GM Rob Pelinka has made all of his moves. Y’all should know better. That’s like saying the food is bad before you have even tasted it.
Enrique Perez
Enrique Perez Vor Monat
It's official Russ is a Laker
True Crime Queen TV
True Crime Queen TV Vor Monat
Love your videos!!! Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️
jamboog 23
jamboog 23 Vor Monat
This team is wade lebron and bosh on steroids
Mr Taylor
Mr Taylor Vor Monat
im pissed, WHY
Erwin Brey Son
Erwin Brey Son Vor Monat
The 360 TRINITY 🏀💪🏆
K D Baker
K D Baker Vor Monat
Happy for Kuzma. He should have asked for a trade before now. He should be a one and two option.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Vor Monat
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Debbie Swiatkowski
Debbie Swiatkowski Vor Monat
Just the trash talking alone when russ see KD now is going to be amazing 藍 can't wait
Andrew Askew
Andrew Askew Vor Monat
Wouldn't that be funny if they told us in 10 years that pro sports is all just really talented actors and it was all scripted?🤣
Tanuja Neupane
Tanuja Neupane Vor Monat
2022 nba final nets vs lakers, lakers in 7 in ot
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robby garza
robby garza Vor Monat
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Roderic Moore
Roderic Moore Vor Monat
Westbrook VS KD now that's a battle I wanna see
David Llanes
David Llanes Vor Monat
Still no chance with rockets young starters Jaylen Green mvp
Sharing Gospel
Sharing Gospel Vor Monat
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Ray Ray
Ray Ray Vor Monat
I hope I'm wrong but it's too that bad Anthony Davis will probably be injured the majority of the seeason making the Lakers not reach their full potential as the team they can be.
They Live
They Live Vor Monat
Anyone can become a solid range shooter if they practice their form and trust the process. Muscle memory and the proper mental approach is all. Not everyone learns how to do this while they are still able to physically impact a game, but yeah, it's 100% possible for anyone to do it.
Dig Dug
Dig Dug Vor Monat
uncletoma Vor Monat
One of the most overrated players ever. As Laker fans i'm really unhappy: now we haven't 3p shooters, but only a 4 players roster. No free salary cap to grab some interesting FA, we have only N O T H I N G. Pelinka is doing a lot of wrong decisions after the ring.
uncletoma Vor Monat
@David Howard yeah, but with no money hard to create a decent roster
David Howard
David Howard Vor Monat
Bro, season hasn’t started yet and the roster is nowhere near finished . Wait until the season starts before you make your final assessment.
balltalkdeep podcast
balltalkdeep podcast Vor Monat
‪Russ adds more spice to LA but I don't think he helps the Lakers win a title ‬ ‪but while I'm usually skeptical about Westbrook fitting into a team, if there's anyone who can bring out the best in him to win it's Lebron‬
6-0-3 I'm going to play these numbers today on lottery
Javon Cook
Javon Cook Vor Monat
Dont ever compare Lebron or KD to Jordan in anything ever again. Neither Lebron or KD are competitors.
Jitendra Desai
Jitendra Desai Vor Monat
They need to try to bring back howard an some decent role players
Alvin George
Alvin George Vor Monat
KD watching these comments and sweating. Harden too busy gaining weight to notice :P
Sauron Vor Monat
Lebron James is trash and so is his super teams. MJ is the GOAT
Randy H.
Randy H. Vor Monat
Even more help for LeBron James.
The Real Red_Hawk3000
The Real Red_Hawk3000 Vor Monat
Westbrook beat KD and Harden for his first ring would be poetic justice asf
Yhnttjtn Vor Monat
The Lakers vs nets finals about to be insane bro and if you don’t think lakers make it you don’t know basketball who is stopping la in the west? They should have made the finals this year if no injuires happened lol and idk about the nets if the 76ers get Damien lillard the nets have a run for their money
Dave Barnett
Dave Barnett Vor Monat
In the voice of Paul George, thats a bad trade for the lakers
Jonathan Muldrow
Jonathan Muldrow Vor Monat
I thought y'all wanted Stephen A fired??? Plenty other media personalities have opinions on this trade.
hugh jass
hugh jass Vor Monat
wow this is some pure black privilege.
Oscar Rios
Oscar Rios Vor Monat
NBA needs a Luka Doncic finals run 😂 seek the profits bro I have no problem 😉
Zony Boe
Zony Boe Vor Monat
Niggas in the comment section really fell in love with the 3 point shot lik that’s the only way to win 😂, some of y’all obviously don’t watch basketball
Marty Collins, Esq.
Marty Collins, Esq. Vor Monat
Woj said nothing
RDHJ Vor Monat
Westbrook will retire a laker. He is home in LA. Ring or no ring this is the end game move for him.
king Dino
king Dino Vor Monat
Horrible fit fir l.a
kagiso bolaane
kagiso bolaane Vor Monat
If russ wins a title..does this make a top 5 PG
C L Vor Monat
better than CP3? lol
Antonio Tate
Antonio Tate Vor Monat
Bron will bring the best outta westbrook
Eli G
Eli G Vor Monat
Don't shoot a bunch of 3s , score a bunch of 2s and FTs , find away to get a couple shooters and when they collapse make a huge % of 15 3s a game from those guys Play downhill and lock up team defense Come playoffs can win in paint period but if they shoot 30 40 3s a game they will lose period They need a athletic center and a true SG who can shoot and guard / Danny Green would be the guy here
C A Vor Monat
The Lakers need to build a young team not an old team.
Ball is life
Ball is life Vor Monat
Why Westbrook i swear Damian lillard would be good for the lakers
Dylan Byrne
Dylan Byrne Vor Monat
No spacing, just vibes.
Adam Pennington
Adam Pennington Vor Monat
LeFlop is trying to buy himself another championship. Unless he stays on the roster, he’ll never catch MJ. What am I saying?! He couldn’t catch MJ no matter what he does.
Salute Sir
Salute Sir Vor Monat
Lakers Media weird asf why tf y’all care so bad bout wanting a 3pt shooter if u can score?
jjballers81 Vor Monat
Stephen A can't ever be on vacation. Dude was probably in bed in the bahamas with his little island ting saw the update and seen his producers blowing up his phone. Had to stop what he was doing go to the other room, get his mind right and get ready 🤣🤣🤣
Godfrey The Creator
Godfrey The Creator Vor Monat
Sounds like they got another scapegoat for Lebron
J Mar
J Mar Vor Monat
I have a feeling Bron is gonna focus on defense and scoring this year while russ runs the offense til the 4th qtr.
Erika Trump
Erika Trump Vor Monat
AMD the bunny ranch owes me money I was at mvp 50 when I was a minor
Kvex Vor Monat
They still need shooting
J Mar
J Mar Vor Monat
What idiots don't realize, Trezz was leaving regardless if What so the Lakers actually gave up Kuz KCp and a late pick for Russ. THATS A STEAL LOL
moff5420 Vor Monat
Now the only missing piece is .... Smush Parker.
Tim Mcdowell
Tim Mcdowell Vor Monat
The lakers will be the champs this year if they all stay healthy, i just dont see no body stopping them, lakers n nets in the finals this year, if it happens it will be epic, but lakers taking it all.
Phillip Reynolds
Phillip Reynolds Vor Monat
Lakers got taken advantage of in this one.
Ahmed Bingha
Ahmed Bingha Vor Monat
Now nets we need to go after montrezl Harrell, Mitchell Robinson..if we get these two ✌️ lol 😆
ML ML Vor Monat
Beastbrook is in his injury years time. But i hope it doesnt happen 😭
DJ ShaqTown
DJ ShaqTown Vor Monat
Nets vs Lakers finals would break the NBA... Russ vs KD/Harden, Kyrie vs Lebron, KD vs Bron crazy lol
DJ ShaqTown
DJ ShaqTown Vor Monat
No MVP in his prime been traded more than Russ...
Enrique Jimenez
Enrique Jimenez Vor Monat
In paper bad move 😫 Now lakers needs lot of cheap shooters also get gasol out the team
Paolo Ricci
Paolo Ricci Vor Monat
wouldn't be the nba without star players making super teams.
adrian colton
adrian colton Vor Monat
The sable driver notably flow because crawdad italy bleach astride a stupendous january. mean, husky japan
SirGenesis206 Vor Monat
Now can they get some shooters with that limited cap space?
MrPitbull Vor Monat
This is why we respect Giannis A. Even more
raks Vor Monat
Stephen a just loves clearing our doubts.
M. Kenyata
M. Kenyata Vor Monat
Stephen A… shut up!!! Russ didn’t lose because primarily he wasn’t a marksmen. Love how it jumps from a team game to one star’s fault for not winning. Dumb narrative.
Sava Dimitrov
Sava Dimitrov Vor Monat
1:50 They didn't have to do Ben like that
TheEditorify Vor Monat
Very bad pick by Lakers. What is Westbrook going to do when LeBron has the ball?! They needed the third star to be a perimeter threat.
Justin Schust
Justin Schust Vor Monat
lebron is going to hate playing with westbrook. Mr. brick!!
Buffalo Bangkok
Buffalo Bangkok Vor Monat
Westbrook shoulda played in the 90s
Flame1000 Vor Monat
Westbrook is a hard player but not a team player!!!!!
Trey Bens
Trey Bens Vor Monat
They need to get shooters from all positions for this to work
Nitin Kaura
Nitin Kaura Vor Monat
nets vs lakers would be a blockbuster finals
Tarik James
Tarik James Vor Monat
10 years ago if a trade like this was to happen, everybody would’ve been going crazy…now superstars joining super teams seems to be the norm
Enrique Perez
Enrique Perez Vor Monat
After the nets got all them supper stars that forced teams to get 3 to 4 super star caliber players to compete with the nets
Nemo Hoes
Nemo Hoes Vor Monat
Yeah sadly
G money
G money Vor Monat
Exactly. It's not much of a surprise anymore. No competition because people want the easy way
Carravaggio Mikelson
Carravaggio Mikelson Vor Monat
Watch the lakers pull a tampa and sign buddy hield too is that possible ? LeGM knows
Jack Ford
Jack Ford Vor Monat
The chief move finallly scream because cell topically impress worth a cloudy cloud. threatening, tough red
Larwsk hayann
Larwsk hayann Vor Monat
So james loves super team too an? Or just KD?? Now i want to see what yall gonna say about bron!
King HP
King HP Vor Monat
As long as we get a healthy Lakers vs Nets Finals… I need all their Stars healthy! Think of the rivalry. Harden & Durant vs Westbrook (former teammates), Lebron vs Kyrie(former Champions) KD vs Lebron, AD vs Durant, Westbrook vs Kyrie…. The ESPN marketing would be crazy!
King HP
King HP Vor Monat
@Alvin George I meant KD vs Lebron.. major typo
Alvin George
Alvin George Vor Monat
AD vs Lebron?
idan Vor Monat
"He defends..." LOL what a joke.
idan Vor Monat
@Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children I watched all games last season
Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children
Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children Vor Monat
@idan nah you're just a casual
idan Vor Monat
@Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children He defends as my grandma lifting weights.
Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children
Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children Vor Monat
He does
Vedic Wisdom
Vedic Wisdom Vor Monat
SAS asking if Westbrook can be a better three point shooter lol... bucks are champions with horrible 3 point shooting
WildWarth Vor Monat
3 consecutive seasons being traded tells a story, the Lakers are messing up if they trade all that for Westbrook
WildWarth Vor Monat
@Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children I don’t think it’s gonna be worth it but hey, hope it is honestly
Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children
Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children Vor Monat
All that? 3 players who were whack for them and a late first rounder.
Wall Street Beef
Wall Street Beef Vor Monat
Russ is an amazing talent but make no mistake Stephen A., prime DRose was the most athletic PG in the history of the NBA, not Russ.
Tam Hill
Tam Hill Vor Monat
LeBron and Westbrook are both ball hogs. I hope nobody thinks that they will both average 8 assists per game. That number might drop to 4 each.
Donald Davis
Donald Davis Vor Monat
This going to be a bigger dual than LeBron and Wade
340 Lou
340 Lou Vor Monat
By time he retire, he will be on every team. Any team he go on, there will be no improvement because he need the ball.
FYRFOX198 Vor Monat
venom999333 Vor Monat
I like Westbrook but I think DeRozen & Lowery would be the better way to go. Unless they could do Westbrook & DeRozen
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