Tips from the Emergency Room: NO EATING #shorts

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Benedicto F.B
Benedicto F.B Vor 25 Minuten
So i had to get surgery for my leg and was told not to eat dinner cause the surgery is in the morning. I thought we couldn't eat cause we'd shit ourselves during surgery😆
the imposter
the imposter Vor 34 Minuten
Lol but what If u are going to the er because of food
Al Capone
Al Capone Vor 39 Minuten
Understandable have a great day.
Boriqua Taino
Boriqua Taino Vor Stunde
I love his energy!
FAKE phyn
FAKE phyn Vor 2 Stunden
The emojis
FAKE phyn
FAKE phyn Vor 2 Stunden
Btw that means, We love you, SO STOP EATING THAT FUCKIN SOUP, OMG YOU DID IT, bruh whatever, guess youre deadeadead
FAKE phyn
FAKE phyn Vor 2 Stunden
Love the World
Love the World Vor 2 Stunden
You literally make me so fucking happy. My guy. I'm honestly trying to take better care of myself, mostly mentally. But this shit informs me, makes me smile, and brightens my day.. Thank you for saving my life. But I guess not in your usual way.👌
Chris Chan
Chris Chan Vor 2 Stunden
“Your😜🤚🏾 gonna 😌💫choke 🤪✨and 💖🥴your 😩💦gonna 😋💅🏾die🤠♥️”
Givens Raymond
Givens Raymond Vor 2 Stunden
Hes so passive aggressive its funny
armani doss
armani doss Vor 2 Stunden
Master Jedi
Master Jedi Vor 3 Stunden
He has so much anger, Join the dark side, rule the galaxy with me
Doms I THINK Vor 3 Stunden
The best doctor ive met
imeantloveyou5eva Vor 3 Stunden
when your a nurse but have startling chaotic evil energy
Cookie Montae
Cookie Montae Vor 4 Stunden
Yeah I once had surgery for my lip and I could not eat. Soo yeah. :) he is saying the truth
Lazy Russian
Lazy Russian Vor 5 Stunden
I had a blood clot when i was 6. They let me eat? Is that normal?
Justin Vor 5 Stunden
Yes Mom
La Brujita
La Brujita Vor 5 Stunden
As someone who worked as a med tech in the Air Force, this man has the kind of energy you see from people in every form of customer service.
drewzi_ Vor 5 Stunden
I would never want to be this guys patient. He is a raging psychopath ??
Ciri ous
Ciri ous Vor 5 Stunden
⚠️🍖❌🤚🙅‍♂️⁉️🤷‍♂️👨‍🔬🚑🏥 💉😴👃❌🤢😵💀
Victor Tubu
Victor Tubu Vor 6 Stunden
This guy always looks like he's on drugs
Zachary Schmahl
Zachary Schmahl Vor 6 Stunden
Ive never seen a man so passive agressively agressive i love it
Lil Gary
Lil Gary Vor 7 Stunden
Well yes, yes you should've explained why you EFFIN D*CK lmao im jus playin dude i love your clips they're really really funny an super legitimately true ive personally seen so many of the things you talk about jus taking myself, my wife, or 1 of my five kids to the ER for whatever reason we had to go
ForNutClasher Vor 7 Stunden
I like how he’s smiling when he says : you’re going to choke and die
Lexi Buxton
Lexi Buxton Vor 8 Stunden
The way he keeps a smile on his face the whole time reminds me of Willy Wonka...
AnimeGamerCreater Vor 8 Stunden
That ending tho
Emerald Vor 8 Stunden
So like what if someone was eating while driving then got into a huge car crash and had to get surgery like ASAP to live, would this still happen?
Ondreia Rattiliff
Ondreia Rattiliff Vor 9 Stunden
Is it really an emergency though if you got time to eat? Like how is one supposed to know pre-meal that they are going to need surgery. This seems logical to say to ppl post op elective procedure, or in the case where it is kind of an emergency, but I'm not about to be posted up in the germy ass ER w/my granny's soup in a tuberware.
Crazyrandomnamehere Vor 9 Stunden
Bold of you to think I dont wanna die.
Malak ùwú
Malak ùwú Vor 9 Stunden
He sounds like Willy wanka 😂
MC Intricacy
MC Intricacy Vor 10 Stunden
Then administer ketamine so no breathing tube is needed
Payton Pryor
Payton Pryor Vor 10 Stunden
I have literally been told if I can't ear food in the ER and hold it down I'm not being let go.
James Conway
James Conway Vor 10 Stunden
This is the most passive aggressive guy like I’m sorry I’m sorry whoever you were treating didn’t know this and complained
Willow Watkins
Willow Watkins Vor 10 Stunden
He says everything with a smile
Thanos Vor 10 Stunden
This guy has seen it all.
Crusader David770
Crusader David770 Vor 11 Stunden
Why do I find this man scary
Liz Smith
Liz Smith Vor 11 Stunden
His white teeth are distracting
davis alston
davis alston Vor 11 Stunden
Everybody got to love this man he got me with the drug one
Bts_fan _99
Bts_fan _99 Vor 11 Stunden
How do you know you're going to have an emergency situation in advance?? Just wondering so I know to plan in advance not to eat before a heart attack or someone shooting me
Triston Johnson
Triston Johnson Vor 12 Stunden
I love this guy frfr
Foxen Vor 12 Stunden
Im fine with this rule. But when I have an appointment and my parents don’t tell me shot and then I end up not eating until 1pm the next day after not eating dinner the day before, this uncomfy rage just sparks inside
nathaniel cowan
nathaniel cowan Vor 12 Stunden
Do it without cursing and this is an excellent PSA to play over the TVs or intercom at the ER. People genuinely wonder why and come to the conclusion that it's to avoid a mess or something when someone spill their food and think they'll just be careful not to spill their food or spread crumbs. Explanations help, even if you feel they aren't deserved.
Cold Steel Tree Removal
Cold Steel Tree Removal Vor 12 Stunden
Why are you such a fucking douche
Rufus Howell
Rufus Howell Vor 12 Stunden
I expect nurses to explain the same thing 500 times a day to every patient that comes in to the ER. Humans are far more cooperative when they understand, and its your job to get them to understand. Nurses are incredibly lazy in portraying information like this to patients. If you're incapable of people skills and helping your patients understand the importance of why they shouldn't do something which would have bad effects on their health, then you shouldn't be a goddamn nurse.
Nick H
Nick H Vor 13 Stunden
This is the only doctor that refers to his possible patients as "mother fuckerrrs" I fuckin love it🤣😂
WildYingyin49 Vor 13 Stunden
Me who loves munching even on the most random thing: *I’m scared for my life now, I shall starve*
renegade1234576 Vor 13 Stunden
I dont get it
Belinda Goodwin
Belinda Goodwin Vor 14 Stunden
Please get a new job your very angry 😠 😤
no Vor 14 Stunden
This man does not work in the medical field
John Juice
John Juice Vor 14 Stunden
Ok but one time after my procedure I started feeling nauseous, I already was well awake for half an hour and I asked for water because I felt nauseous. They told me they have anti-nausea meds but they wouldn’t give it to me because “I might choke”. I kept on asking, begged and pleaded even, but they wouldn’t give it to me. So instead I threw up all over the nurse and THEN they handed me the antinausea pill. To top it off It was the size of a mini altoid.
Jasper Reyes
Jasper Reyes Vor 15 Stunden
Oh shit I thought you just gonna shit your pants
KonkeyDong Vor 15 Stunden
I like the information he's putting out but something about the smug delivery boils my blood and I don't know why.
Angel x Anime
Angel x Anime Vor 15 Stunden
Oh that’s why they did that, huh, the more you know
Death913 Vor 15 Stunden
He is the type of guy that would roast the hell out of you while not making it seem like a roast and always smiling
Josh Floyd
Josh Floyd Vor 16 Stunden
Nothing like educating people by talking down to them like they’re a bunch of assholes. Love the information, hate the pretentiousness.
Alex Sullivan
Alex Sullivan Vor 16 Stunden
This fellas attitude makes my teeth itch. It is really obnoxious.
Mason Davenport
Mason Davenport Vor 16 Stunden
i’m an EMT and i genuinely wish these pt’s actually knew all of this stuff w the ER
KokinO Vor 16 Stunden
what if i want to diə
LucidNumber9 Vor 17 Stunden
The passive aggressive nature of this is distasteful
Shiloh Hardy
Shiloh Hardy Vor 17 Stunden
thid guy is probably chronically passively aggressive but anyways I did get a piece of watermelon in my windpipe before and it was the most uncomfortable experience my body has ever felt
Grace Pearson
Grace Pearson Vor 17 Stunden
This guy woke up on the wrong side of bed every morning clearly, why such a passive aggressive attitude?
gameboycolorsp Vor 15 Stunden
@Grace Pearson yeah, he does, and thats his shtick. Like I said, I like to think of him as a doctor who is sick and tired of telling people these things over and over again.
Grace Pearson
Grace Pearson Vor 15 Stunden
@gameboycolorsp yeah I’m not saying he’s a bad guy in general just came across really passive agressive here lol
gameboycolorsp Vor 15 Stunden
That's is whole thing. On livestream he's actually really nice, he's just acting like he's a doctor fed up with telling people these things (it's probably half true)
Approval of seal
Approval of seal Vor 17 Stunden
Next time I’ll make sure not to eat before seriously injuring myself
Thankyou Yahusha
Thankyou Yahusha Vor 21 Stunde
End up in ER usually means it's an emergency not opted surgery where you are told not to eat. You're not even a real doctor.
mz crazy
mz crazy Vor 21 Stunde
If Greg House had a more annoying younger cousin.
Ally Moon
Ally Moon Vor 21 Stunde
Ok I do not eat
Tika on 200FPS
Tika on 200FPS Vor 23 Stunden
Why does he always say Mother fuckers
Scribble Scrub
Scribble Scrub Vor 23 Stunden
He’s like those Classy Butlers That are Always angry but has to be nice
Mister Yous
Mister Yous Vor 23 Stunden
I love this guy
Dungeon Wolf
Dungeon Wolf Vor Tag
Istg this guy is amazing at making me laugh
Aalyiah pickens
Aalyiah pickens Vor Tag
You ain't ever catch me eating anything before surgery I ain't trying to die
Mangoshateu Vor Tag
Gumbo do be sounding good right now
Zub brown
Zub brown Vor Tag
This guy makes learning so much more fun
Sarafina27 Vor Tag
The award for best explain practices goes to you sir. Thank you very much 😊😁
Potato Baby
Potato Baby Vor Tag
I saw the reason in a program my mom watched
Alpha Fitness
Alpha Fitness Vor Tag
I want my mom
Aruesx Vor Tag
In summary: eat food = higher choke %
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Vor Tag
He looks like he bout to hit me in 5 seconds
Martin Michaels
Martin Michaels Vor Tag
Bro I went to a hospital in Australia for 3 stitches in my pinky. The hospital sat me in a room for 8 hours with no food no water no mental stimulation. After 8 hours I left because they said they wanted to do surgery on me (clearly didn't know what patient I was) after all of that waiting I left and went to my gp and in half an hour my finger was stitched up.
israel morales
israel morales Vor Tag
He must be "that guy" to work with
Erika Gehm
Erika Gehm Vor Tag
No 💩.
Something Random52
Something Random52 Vor Tag
I love the way he says the whole thing. Especially at the end. “He proceeded to say, still with a smile on his face, ‘no eating in the er, motherfuckers’”
FourShotMyEX Vor Tag
You can tell this guy must work at the worlds shittiest hospital. I would assume he is just a tech or something and has to monitor people, like babysitting. God forbid someone is curious as to why they can’t eat or drink 12+ hours before surgery. You don’t belong in the medical field, hopefully you lose your job and find something more fitting.
Ntembeko Vika
Ntembeko Vika Vor Tag
Oh this guy😅😄😂😃😁😀
dazza724 Vor Tag
Omg im so using this the next time i see someone complaining they have to fast
Ak Shooter 7
Ak Shooter 7 Vor Tag
He seems to have had enough and he’s saying it with *a smile on his face.*
HumaniodCreature Vor Tag
I have always wondered why we can’t eat before surgery, thanks for the information. 😌
Ben Uphues
Ben Uphues Vor Tag
You talk like a condescending asshole. Why are you like this?
Imyou 2010
Imyou 2010 Vor Tag
I already knew this because we'll why would you FUCKING EAT if you know that your getting surgery
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Vor Tag
This guy seems stressed out he needs r&r for real
julien constantin
julien constantin Vor Tag
Lol gumbo soup
Evan Reloading Bazooka Gaming 740
Evan Reloading Bazooka Gaming 740 Vor Tag
You are hilarious!
PB Gaming
PB Gaming Vor Tag
Why course word dumbnut
G Solo
G Solo Vor Tag
I thought he was gonna say you’d poop yourself, I enjoyed his version more.
NotQuiteJay Vor Tag
Sharkie Vor Tag
This guy is giving great info in a concise manner and all but god fucking damn his personality is kinda insufferable.
Akuma 's World
Akuma 's World Vor Tag
"You're gonna choke and you're gonna die" *With the smily face* I know I shouldn't laught but I just can't stopped laughing(≧∀≦)
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