niduoe stre
niduoe stre Vor 23 Stunden
14:27 “Well done Eminem”😂
Kit Rowden46
Kit Rowden46 Vor 23 Stunden
can someone tell me why ramsdale was on the bench for the scotland match?
bigie forua
bigie forua Vor 23 Stunden
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M12 LOVER Vor Tag
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Vor Tag
Seeing Sancho workout is 🤩🤩
Milez X chai
Milez X chai Vor Tag
The two august quickly surround because bronze correspondingly muddle aboard a quack lier. glossy, animated raft
Eso TV
Eso TV Vor Tag
Free Sancho
Shubham Prabhat
Shubham Prabhat Vor Tag
England Cricket channel has more subscriber
Lewis Evans
Lewis Evans Vor Tag
We need to wake up if we wanna win the euros
Milez X chai
Milez X chai Vor Tag
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Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Vor Tag
Grealish constantly telling himself he looks peng is too funny! 🤣🤣
Alan Argent
Alan Argent Vor Tag
Not sure where this bus ended up. None of the players showed up.
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Vor Tag
They’re all so polite and respectful, see the way they all thank the drivers
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Vor 23 Stunden
England should be winning this tournament, the players are so talented. I just don't trust the coach.
dink sung
dink sung Vor Tag
Charles Clark III
Charles Clark III Vor Tag
that picture bout worth a billion dollars
Tate Vor Tag
You right ney sunny init.😂😂😂
BossAyo77 Vor Tag
Y are all football players awkward
YT 98
YT 98 Vor Tag
Foden chatting with no one
Nell Shaw
Nell Shaw Vor Tag
When will Kane start acting like the Captain - walks in, gets dressed, buggers off - he needs to step up massively
TroyerCastor Vor Tag
Entertaining but better start practicing how to play soccer and score... Awful effort so far
Bobby Playz
Bobby Playz Vor Tag
nufsoja qefamga
nufsoja qefamga Vor Tag
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Useless overhyped and overpaid team
CHUZaimaH aLWijEWELERysahabatpena CHUZaiMaHVERRi
CHUZaimaH aLWijEWELERysahabatpena CHUZaiMaHVERRi Vor Tag
covid indonesiareaction
Trịnh Kế Ân
Trịnh Kế Ân Vor Tag
I don't even know how to wear a tie 😆😆
Abubakar nayeem
Abubakar nayeem Vor Tag
England goalkeeper excellent
Ryan F
Ryan F Vor Tag
Up the Ra Declan
Sugiono Vor Tag
England you are my wonderwall ❤️
Johnny Gunners
Johnny Gunners Vor Tag
I hope u Mrsaka
AnneMarie Hoang
AnneMarie Hoang Vor Tag
"My dog" and people ask why I love Fran Kirby🤣
Cao Anh Vũ
Cao Anh Vũ Vor Tag
Grelish is better
Cao Anh Vũ
Cao Anh Vũ Vor Tag
Sterling is terrible
James Kadar
James Kadar Vor Tag
Embarrassing performance when Scotland, yes Scotland are the better team on our own pitch. Southgate you haven't got a clue
A A Vor Tag
You’re all full of skills but no heart…
Zedo Vor Tag
Any1 else think we should’ve taken James Maddison although I’m unsure if he is injured but a great player if he is fit I would’ve taken him
faslabe mijegbac
faslabe mijegbac Vor Tag
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Mr Ri
Mr Ri Vor Tag
Too much publicity too much fun too much money makes you nothing on the pitch.
James McGlinchey
James McGlinchey Vor Tag
“ItS CoMiNg HoMe”😂
Kieran Richmond
Kieran Richmond Vor Tag
Absolutely outplayed by Scotland. Up youuus
soupknot83 Vor Tag
why sancho didnt start in euro 2021, haiz
Charlie Kirkham
Charlie Kirkham Vor Tag
yor rite lads
Javier Syamsurizal
Javier Syamsurizal Vor Tag
Enggres ini terlalu berjudi mainin mount+foden bersamaan
oc2k13 Vor Tag
St.Georges has a Basketball court?
arm voice
arm voice Vor Tag
Thomas Cloke
Thomas Cloke Vor Tag
Who loves these England training vids? Hand up 🙋 I certainly do
Ahmad Lubis
Ahmad Lubis Vor Tag
I dont understand why Reece, Raheem and Phil on the pitch. Sterling cant do anything for the team. Trippier, Rashford, Grealish even Lingard (so sad that Southgate threw him away) should be on the starting line up)
Iso Niang
Iso Niang Vor Tag
Did he say ahlie or alife?
Ross Hirst
Ross Hirst Vor Tag
Can we stop singing football coming home as its a jinx. Actually sing it when we win it.
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Vor Tag
“nO, macadamia” I cannot w him😭😂
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Vor Tag
No one makes Rashy laugh more than Jesse!!😭😭😂
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Vor Tag
Jesse is a real one he wasn’t picked but here he is supporting the boys!!
Ahr R13
Ahr R13 Vor Tag
Start sancho and grealish ffs