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When they were playing rock paper siscors I was like well that wouldn’t affect me I’m left handed😁😁
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All of them are beautiful
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I did the the same thing that michelle did but a little different so if u wanna see it go follow me on insta cuz i do paintings so i am posting it tomorrow my a count is @chloefernandes10 so go follow me. Thanks🙂
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This is so bad and trash because jake got elimated trash lmao
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I wish I could draw as good as you
Brenden Rehbein
Brenden Rehbein Vor 15 Stunden
I wish I could draw as good as you
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Great vid but- I was surprised when it was 5 Thousand ... Idk why but I’m getting a new house and we are 5 kids any each kid get 5 Thousand to decorate there new room-
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ࢪنـَـۅꫂ ءࢦجَمـيࢦهـہَ𖤐.
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I would ship jazz and jake
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Using nutella as glue what a great idea 😂
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AHH jake you had one job and that was to do rock
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