Samantha Lacerda
Samantha Lacerda Vor Tag
Cat M
Cat M Vor Tag
we do not need a role model. we need what is real and raw. I am truly grateful for any part of her life that she is willing to share
Taylor Rowe
Taylor Rowe Vor Tag
"she was in her hospital gown, and she had ivs and stuff on her hands but i didnt see a hospital gown, you know, i saw a robe, like damn this girl is going for the belt" ♥♥♥
Thainá Oliboni
Thainá Oliboni Vor Tag
Caralho essas vozes juntas tudo pra mim😍❤️
yi yi
yi yi Vor Tag
Ngl at 12:15 I was skeptical but then I realize in the beginning of the documentary I was thinking wow she’s not that skinny
Samantha Lacerda
Samantha Lacerda Vor Tag
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGEND"""""
The Eerie Faerie
The Eerie Faerie Vor Tag
I hate seeing all the masks.... this world sucks now.
Cat M
Cat M Vor Tag
seeing her perform skyscraper in person during the neon lights tour was a truly life changing event. she has saved so many lives because she shares how she almost lost hers. Thank you for being who you are Demi <3
Mariana Siqueira
Mariana Siqueira Vor Tag
"That" Scooter Braum? 🙄🙄🙄
Colleen Clark
Colleen Clark Vor Tag
Omg this is terribleeeee. Soooo entitled and selfish
Bucked Up
Bucked Up Vor Tag
This pulls my heart strings and my major vibe radar is going thru the roof. I love Demi and I’m a big fan in her recovery. Along with Ariana I love them and the genuine artists they are. They are amazing human beings. This hits so hard. I hope they continue to make music for us that are in recovery and battling just genuine life. Going thru whatever yk. Please no hate.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Vor Tag
She said her rapist doesn't have a career anymore so stop making accusations against the Jonas brothers . K thanks.
Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez Vor Tag
Wow but I cannot understand her weakness,coming from addiction she and many people don’t wanna be sober and face the truth,and deal with everything 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jenn Martinello
Jenn Martinello Vor Tag
Wonder what she thinks about this commander and chief now? 2021 and it's just getting worse! Well I enjoy this documentary the most the political part with a big mistake. Wishing her the best...
Avah Worthington
Avah Worthington Vor Tag
I’m not even that into Demi but I’m watching this bc of how powerful it is also I cried for her when she sang anyone at the Grammys
Crystal Vor Tag
So happy for her and this is so Inspirational to continue self care in deep ways.
Carito Fajardo
Carito Fajardo Vor Tag
I have a such a HUGE respect for her. That's it
Lynee Anna Salvatore
Lynee Anna Salvatore Vor Tag
I really really just wanna give Demi a hug.❤
Jennifer Ruiz
Jennifer Ruiz Vor Tag
I'd give her all the Grammys in the world just for this performance
Ally Fuentes
Ally Fuentes Vor Tag
Anyone find it odd she overdosed exactly a month before her 27th birthday?
Janet Slater
Janet Slater Vor Tag
I sure hope that she is able to come off of the drugs before they take over again.
Nagito Komeada
Nagito Komeada Vor Tag
My class loves this song and my mom does to 😌👌
WhisperEve Vor Tag
I love her laugh at the end!!
Destiny Lopez
Destiny Lopez Vor Tag
My pa, he was doing many many drugs. Mostly crack. And Drinking. I am one of 9 children. We all sing. We have a story to tell. Don't know where to start. It feels impossible. But the Most High knows all. This is something that only I am that I am can fix. My dteam... My ultimate dream. Has been to unite with all of us. Together. And sing a couple songs together ❤ sing our hearts out! It might not help but hopefully... Itll make a turn around. For the world 🌎💙 Peace be unto you Mama! 💕
Nadja Tommo
Nadja Tommo Vor Tag
Elton speaking nothing but the truth 👏🏻
Lucas Matos
Lucas Matos Vor Tag
"There is no failure except in no longer trying.” ―Elbert Hubbard
Esteban frias
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Esteban frias
Esteban frias Vor Tag
lil miss moonshine
lil miss moonshine Vor Tag
Andrea Romero
Andrea Romero Vor Tag
Eres una inspiración para mi... Dios te bendiga.
HavuçluPattis Vor Tag
Ab ben de buralardayim işte
K. T. S
K. T. S Vor Tag
She gonna come out as gay soon.
Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T Vor Tag
There's only one way to be born again..
Chanelle Quiteno
Chanelle Quiteno Vor Tag
So wait she thought that calling back the rapist and having sex with him but by choice was gonna fix the rape? Wierd
Levi • 12 years ago •
Levi • 12 years ago • Vor Tag
Im here for Ariana. Demi can go sleep
Shawna Foy
Shawna Foy Vor Tag
I'm speechless. You are truly amazing 🖤
Jyrmaine Smith
Jyrmaine Smith Vor Tag
Now this is History ! IM IN LOVE!
Carol Mafra
Carol Mafra Vor Tag
I love you ❤️
Peyton Stone
Peyton Stone Vor Tag
I’m listening! I’m all ears 👂 You are amazing 🤩 I literally love you
Celina Villanti
Celina Villanti Vor Tag
vamos demi!!! vos podes
ArtistMoonGirl Vor Tag
those harmoniessssss ✨
Lindsay Butera
Lindsay Butera Vor Tag
Yasmin F
Yasmin F Vor Tag
Something is SO off about the mom. So off.
Jen Jen
Jen Jen Vor Tag
I know this isn’t her song, but this cover is my absolute fav on her new album!! The whole album is BEAUTIFUL. 💖🦋
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Vor Tag
Adorei conteúdo incrível
Aracely Grande
Aracely Grande Vor Tag
Aracely Grande
Aracely Grande Vor Tag
Samantha Rivera
Samantha Rivera Vor Tag
Uhh 🙄 idk how to feel about any of this lol I think she wants attention so badly poor thing
Sr. Sigmaringa
Sr. Sigmaringa Vor Tag
Gratidão por ter a coragem de se abrir e expor abertamente sobre suas fragilidades e vulnerabilidades, você me inspira, sua força me inspira a ser forte e lutar contra meus vícios autodestrutivos também. Você é um anjo, é especial e uma pessoa e Artista que canta com a alma. Obrigado por existir e me inspirar com suas músicas e história. Deus te abençoe. 🌺😘❤️🙏⚛️
Riley Olson
Riley Olson Vor Tag
Is there going to be a 5th episode?
irene sadsad
irene sadsad Vor Tag
str3am focus
irene sadsad
irene sadsad Vor Tag
y’all str3am 7 rings
irene sadsad
irene sadsad Vor Tag
this song is a bop
Danielle Gomes
Danielle Gomes Vor Tag
MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ Vor Tag
aside from it all, she is just stunning and her makeup looks wonderful.
Felipe Bustamante
Felipe Bustamante Vor Tag
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Vor Tag
Give Demi More Love
Less is Best
Less is Best Vor Tag
You don't choose heroin if you care if you want to live. That is really depressed. Sounds like suicidal to me. Coke not so much either. Meth never. Molly I have no idea. Fentanyl never. AND you never know when you are going to get it.
Tomandoum Xa
Tomandoum Xa Vor Tag
Dusty Nguyen
Dusty Nguyen Vor Tag
Love you so much Demi Lovato new song new album
Sthefani Mattos
Sthefani Mattos Vor Tag
Now we know who the fake friend really was...
Rick Finn
Rick Finn Vor Tag
Nobody gives credit to Bach for already writing this? Really?
MIC Vor Tag
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist brought me here.
LineOn Dii
LineOn Dii Vor Tag
Mds 😍😍😍😍
Geraldine D
Geraldine D Vor Tag
Fave! 😭💕
Dayanne Mirelle
Dayanne Mirelle Vor Tag
Chorei litros 😢🦋♥️
Estefani Moura
Estefani Moura Vor Tag
I love this woman so much.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Vor Tag
I don't trust her. But I don't need to, and she doesn't need me to. She needs to trust herself.
Delaney Polhamus
Delaney Polhamus Vor Tag
I think this whole documentary is AMAZING! One of the strongest people I ever known! Very real and honest and I appreciate that the most. I will always love Demi! 💘 You got this!
Mitchell Scott
Mitchell Scott Vor Tag
nooo.. please don't make your newest tracks as high as Ariana's ponytail, it's easier to sing to a voice that bounces from alto to baritone like original Demi's
Dariana forever
tara m
tara m Vor Tag
“im a little too queer” me to girl
Mari Morais
Mari Morais Vor Tag
um minuto de silêncio pelas pessoas que não viram esse vídeo e não conhecem a música...
Kayan Sousa
Kayan Sousa Vor Tag
Não tem como não amar essas duas aaaaaaaaaaaaa🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤RAINHAS
Iesha Rodriguez
Iesha Rodriguez Vor Tag
You are a beautiful light in this world Demi. It has been so scary in the lows but it has been so rewarding in the highs. You have so much love around you. Be better for you; never for your fans, or your family, but strictly for you. We love you every step of the way and are always overwhelmed with gratitude to see you conquer and overcome.
Danielle Gower
Danielle Gower Vor Tag
Is it just me or did Demi look like Glam and Gore after her haircut? She’s beautiful and this is so powerful. Her story is so powerful!
Alahna Whitner
Alahna Whitner Vor Tag
Finally been hoping they would collab.
Nadia Skincare
Nadia Skincare Vor Tag
Rich with money but not happy that why they say money can’t buy happiness!! I am glad u still alive