lucio tula
lucio tula Vor 2 Sekunden
Your future boyfriend
Honghourt Chhay
Honghourt Chhay Vor 2 Sekunden
Will Smurf
Will Smurf Vor 7 Sekunden
Ok, after this I wish I was never born in this century
Arnavpreet Sandhu
Arnavpreet Sandhu Vor 31 Sekunde
Bruh that one from the video looked so DELICIOUS.
Null Knight
Null Knight Vor 52 Sekunden
Ok and I’m spiderman because i can scale walls by rock climbing
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee Vor Minute
No more hackers
alissa veliz
alissa veliz Vor Minute
omg it’s is cool i want to see a red one with red Sprinkles
aang X azor
aang X azor Vor Minute
I like how some people when tik tok came out said: Chinese made it to make everyone stupid. And we laughed and laughed but I am starting to believe that they were right
sxphie_? Vor 2 Minuten
Guys you forgot to hide the bag of crack! Careful next time the children can become even more crazy!
Honghourt Chhay
Honghourt Chhay Vor 2 Minuten
Đức Nguyễn Minh
Đức Nguyễn Minh Vor 2 Minuten
XxPįnkįeUnįGįrłxX Vor 3 Minuten
Love this!
Sleepyh3ads Vor 3 Minuten
Who else thought that was Collins key
Arunava Guha Thakurta
Arunava Guha Thakurta Vor 3 Minuten
My sis has sharper teeth than his (3 years my sis)
Senpai DragonGaming
Senpai DragonGaming Vor 3 Minuten
Is it just me or does his teeth look like a vampires
S H Vor 5 Minuten
There is no words to explain how much I love this dude
jazzy de padua
jazzy de padua Vor 5 Minuten
dude its rambootan dont use something use your 🖐️ hands its easy.
Ana Canaza
Ana Canaza Vor 6 Minuten
Que bonito
Samuel Hernandes
Samuel Hernandes Vor 6 Minuten
Are you a vampire or what? Your teeth are Sharp. Wow!
Dylan Dhardo
Dylan Dhardo Vor 7 Minuten
😂😂😂 this guys fucked up
Domgamer Vor 7 Minuten
Does anyone else know that this is a trend for grandpa Williams
Carl Bajita
Carl Bajita Vor 7 Minuten
Mukbang asmr
Dustin Mannon
Dustin Mannon Vor 7 Minuten
Hey the orange and green apple was funny he goes oops on the green then orange comes around and it is ohhhhh crap
cool boy nick
cool boy nick Vor 7 Minuten
Lee Lee
Lee Lee Vor 8 Minuten
Animal Gang
Animal Gang Vor 8 Minuten
It's reminds me of strawberry the white thing
Subrata Sarker
Subrata Sarker Vor 9 Minuten
Bro u have the spikes on top so u can tear but good vid
Brodie Miller
Brodie Miller Vor 9 Minuten
His a vampire
zayyan [̲̅L̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅s̲̅]
zayyan [̲̅L̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅s̲̅] Vor 10 Minuten
he's the most realistic vampire I've ever seen
Симеон Рафаилов
Симеон Рафаилов Vor 10 Minuten
You are so good 😘
Rayan Liam Reynaldo
Rayan Liam Reynaldo Vor 11 Minuten
If ur not married what's with the ring
savageme 21
savageme 21 Vor 11 Minuten
Just look at the middle of your screen the whole time
Nick Z
Nick Z Vor 11 Minuten
This is the gayest thing I ever saw
Gugubu Gugubu
Gugubu Gugubu Vor 11 Minuten
It's from phillipines called lansones
hooni le
hooni le Vor 11 Minuten
no mames yo casi mato al mio q vrga
Death_PlayzYT Vor 11 Minuten
Defently a RUM BU TEEN
Trisha Chatterjee
Trisha Chatterjee Vor 12 Minuten
Does anyone know the song that the first guy used?
Luckypugamer Vor 12 Minuten
I like how there was literally 0 reason to point and distract the dude
{-*Remi ko*-}
{-*Remi ko*-} Vor 13 Minuten
Hey what are those called? Oh and, ASMR dude
Sarahthecreatory Vor 13 Minuten
Me thinking dats blood: are you a vampire
Reanne Play
Reanne Play Vor 13 Minuten
waffle1949 Vor 14 Minuten
What a simp
Jordan Sullivan
Jordan Sullivan Vor 14 Minuten
You sound like sid from ice age
Grace Sue Sadiang-abay
Grace Sue Sadiang-abay Vor 14 Minuten
Wowyl your
Grace Sue Sadiang-abay
Grace Sue Sadiang-abay Vor 14 Minuten
Wowyl your
luCa art_ lover
luCa art_ lover Vor 14 Minuten
yoo mann... i thought this was DANNY D..... YO MAN U LOOK LIKE HIMMMM
Pandapro Vor 14 Minuten
First time watching your ur teeth look sick like a vimpire🧛
Aryaa Vor 14 Minuten
And here me and brother fighting with a broom cause we want both chupachups!yessss bruh we can't share!that's the rule tho
Jon Garcia
Jon Garcia Vor 15 Minuten
Look at the jar you will she tye fake teeth hes dummm
What ¿
What ¿ Vor 15 Minuten
The way he cuts the apple 😭
Asilleve Vor 16 Minuten
Low-key hes flexing his fang
MiaAmia505 Vor 16 Minuten
I love the ending
ANUSHKA_ NANDAN Vor 17 Minuten
Who's gonna tell him... That you're suppose to cut the left handle and then drink it like a juice and straw?? 😶😅😂
Péter Csendes
Péter Csendes Vor 17 Minuten
Shelly Jones
Shelly Jones Vor 17 Minuten
Omg wow he's a real vamepire-
Rédai Balázs
Rédai Balázs Vor 17 Minuten
Acting was invented in: 535 BC People in 536 BC:
Albert and Selena Gaming
Albert and Selena Gaming Vor 17 Minuten
Hit or miss i guss they never miss huh
Its Emy
Its Emy Vor 18 Minuten
True friendship adorable
savageme 21
savageme 21 Vor 18 Minuten
Oh who asked
TyrannicalXeno Vor 18 Minuten
Should’ve used ice cream and a wider Paddle
Rusty Skunks
Rusty Skunks Vor 18 Minuten
How do you block someone from appearing in these?
Şůňflowęř Vor 19 Minuten
U guys are so kind!!!
p x t r x c x a
p x t r x c x a Vor 19 Minuten
Me wating it to pop-
•O I•
•O I• Vor 19 Minuten
Bro the first one- how did he not hear the heater thingy and how did they both not see the candy just on the table-