Pixelmace Vor 39 Sekunden
“IM HITLER!” “and all those he killed”
EMTÝ Vor Minute
fuck the intent dude
Der nette Mensch
Der nette Mensch Vor Minute
Thats my life in a nutshell
ThatOnePanda Vor Minute
Ayo think of it, it doesnt have to be 24hrs it could be for 20 hours if you drink it at 4am hence at 12am (next night) you it will be over (I know im wrong
Johnny Man
Johnny Man Vor Minute
What's this song called
potato head XD
potato head XD Vor 2 Minuten
You can be an idiot and forget how you drink Best strategy
AdamBC Vor 2 Minuten
Also I don’t know why this is talked about more often but the “What happen if you pitted an unstoppable force against an immovable object.” The answer is nothing; nothing would happen.
Lilly’s Roses
Lilly’s Roses Vor 2 Minuten
Bro this guys is canceled my literal perspective of live...
Lumina Vor 3 Minuten
I feel like if I just stand by when I could easily do something to preserve four lives, that's just as bad as tying up those five people myself.
JustABlank Vor 3 Minuten
Obviously i will do nothing because otherwise i will be arrested by killing a person on purpose.
Potahtoe sama
Potahtoe sama Vor 5 Minuten
Lmao say no more
Thunderbolt Blitz
Thunderbolt Blitz Vor 7 Minuten
Xabware is real
Xabware is real Vor 8 Minuten
Push the fat, anyway isn't like he's gonna live that much
The Internet Police
The Internet Police Vor 9 Minuten
>mention gerrymandering, an infamously confusing topic >refuses to explain it >ends video
FreddyFaz Cinema
FreddyFaz Cinema Vor 9 Minuten
Why you say anyways at the end
Arrow Vor 9 Minuten
I've contemplated on those topics.. the odds are weird.. its either super high or super low...
Kirumo_Drxxmz Vor 9 Minuten
I mean, just for a day? Yea, I'll take it. Sure, I'll feel like shit, but I'll live. And then me and my family can live better.
Baku Links
Baku Links Vor 10 Minuten
So there's no kill area, or at least it's far down enough for video editors to greenscreen a rickroll into the bottom of the world
DarkCrazyUniWolf Vor 10 Minuten
When you say yes before you know you dont actually have to
Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright Vor 10 Minuten
If u watch it twice
Dragon Studios HD
Dragon Studios HD Vor 10 Minuten
The true answer: Last down on the tracks and get run over with the 5 people. It's a win-win, not explaining further :D
Fuzzy Shady
Fuzzy Shady Vor 10 Minuten
??? Vor 11 Minuten
I would do it without a second thought. When it's over I'd be very happy.
Arrow Vor 13 Minuten
Anesthesia knocks off ure conscious mind but it doesn't knock off ure subconscious mind.. uve been told to do numerous small tasks for example, turn off ure pc or something.. ure subconscious brai instantaneously gives a message to the conscious mind nd ure good to go.. so when ure conscious mind is knocked off ure subconscious mind still controls activities such as respiration digestion and it also responds to certain stimuli.. I'm no biologist but its either this or its ure reflexes which controls it (This may not be 100% true .. its just a theory)
Locky Vor 13 Minuten
easy, drift
Xuga trix
Xuga trix Vor 13 Minuten
Easy, I would jump to stop the trolly
Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago
Maksim Yarmoliuk • 53 years ago Vor 15 Minuten
I like how the end of the video starts the start of the video with a run on a sentence on loop.
Thunderjedi Vor 15 Minuten
Oh dear! That train is heading towards those people! Quick! Find the nearest fat person!
Baku Links
Baku Links Vor 15 Minuten
Rock it
Bluelego1 Vor 16 Minuten
Pull lever kill two people
The demon in Your room
The demon in Your room Vor 16 Minuten
Depends on who the one person is
_ Skadi _
_ Skadi _ Vor 16 Minuten
I remember this question being asked in my philosophy class and I was the only one who wouldn't flip the switch. The teacher asked me why and I was like "If I flip the switch I am directly responsible for murdering that one person. While if I do nothing, I'm just a bystander who happened to be there at the wrong place at the wrong time."
Guper 12
Guper 12 Vor 17 Minuten
Drift it
Jovial Jada
Jovial Jada Vor 17 Minuten
Couldn’t he just feel the objects again if thats how he learned what they were in the first place? 👁👄👁
King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah Vor 17 Minuten
I am kinda sure that the government wouldnt allow me to watch this video
Naenae Gaming
Naenae Gaming Vor 18 Minuten
How about just switching the points fast enough in both directions while the vehicle is over them that it derails...
Hisoka pls step on me
Hisoka pls step on me Vor 19 Minuten
Erick Josef
Erick Josef Vor 20 Minuten
ill just flick the lever instantly tbh
unthinkable Co
unthinkable Co Vor 21 Minute
No I just Tokyo Drift
Edim Vor 21 Minute
In a universe that is infinity large it's 100% probable that an exact copy of Earth with every single person that has ever lived, identical down to every single atom exists. When talking about space that is infinitely large, even something with near 0 chance of happening is guaranteed to have happened.
EatMyRubberDucky Vor 21 Minute
Song anyone?
Mr Redux
Mr Redux Vor 21 Minute
I would without a doubt
Oculir Vor 21 Minute
dont do anything and you wont be tied to the crime
Charles Craft
Charles Craft Vor 22 Minuten
Ending one person for the sake of 5
Baku Links
Baku Links Vor 23 Minuten
Me who is dead inside: might, you say?
TheTruthPenguin Vor 23 Minuten
My logic: Those 5 people are dead. Not gonna see me playing God and choosing who lives. Fate chose those 5 on that track on that day and time and 5 sacrifices there will be. That 1 person is the luckiest guy/girl in the world. They stayed out of harms way, and be it out of luck or smarts, they're on the track of life. I'm not going to screw that individual over. Especially when my luck makes it that I'm not on the track at all. I'll haunt a bitch for switching me and one of those 5 on the track. Same thing with the scenerio with the fat guy. Me: *looks at big guy* "You could stop this train if you wanted to" Fat guy: "Yup..." Me: *lights a blunt, inhaling and exhaling slowly* "Sucks to suck, I guess" *Passes blunt* Fat guy: *Takes blunt inhaling and exhaling deeply* "Yup..."
Tom nes
Tom nes Vor 23 Minuten
There is another part to this where the fat man is one who started the trolley
Nicolas Gilchrist
Nicolas Gilchrist Vor 23 Minuten
Intend to or not, give me that damn vial
Janek Zdunek
Janek Zdunek Vor 23 Minuten
My butterfly effect would end on graveyard after being killed in that accident
Azzark Vor 23 Minuten
If you flick it at the perfect time you should be able to take out all 6
akjacobm Vor 24 Minuten
whats the song name?
Crusader_gaming Vor 24 Minuten
Why the fuck are those poeple even on the track
XxWolfboyxX YT
XxWolfboyxX YT Vor 24 Minuten
Isn't there a Emergency Brake?
GrimReaper101 Vor 25 Minuten
My issue is less with school, and more the parental generation. Just because their parents/them got a uni degree and got a good job, they think the ONLY way to get a good job, is to go through a university, get every damn degree under the sun, and go for the highest level jobs, it just doesn't work that way now, and you'll end up with a whole generation of over-qualified people with no job to accommodate them. South Korea is a good example of a country that identified this, and mitigated it, replacing the qualification oriented education system with a system that teaches good life skills that'll be useful
Dachshund TV ✓
Dachshund TV ✓ Vor 25 Minuten
If you pull the lever at the right time, you should be able to honor both Thracian and take out all 6
Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez Vor 26 Minuten
That makes no sense your just trying to confuse the audience
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones Vor 26 Minuten
Ok I would not expect they might be lying they might not give the money to you and run away and worst so no
Exnyt Vor 27 Minuten
I would negotiate first and if there is no other option then I would drink it
angus thompson (deluxearcher961)
angus thompson (deluxearcher961) Vor 29 Minuten
Bro I just wanted to be a truck driver and want to be no fucking
Ivory Arrow
Ivory Arrow Vor 30 Minuten
I do not fear death. I see no negative to drinking it. And getting a million out of it would be nice
Chunky Nugg
Chunky Nugg Vor 31 Minute
The last one is what I believe because I'm really questioning my religion rn and I'm learning more about Christianity and a lot of things in the bible simply don't make sense to the human mind. Like how God exists outside of the linear timeline so someone before Jesus could still be saved by faith in him. Strange to think about i know.
Appletun is heccin cute!
Appletun is heccin cute! Vor 31 Minute
I'd get on the track it was facing, not because I'm a masochist or anything, I just want to see how far my body is willing to go
Sargentjetsky Vor 31 Minute
Leave the switch midway and derail the trolly
PlanckHC CX
PlanckHC CX Vor 31 Minute
Kill the one guy and join the five, that brings the kill count to 7!
xXSometeawouldbeniceXx Vor 32 Minuten
The psychedelic background and changing text made me take 3 repeats to understand lol
Skyre Vor 32 Minuten
And that's why each and every moment we spend while we're alive is valuable :)
Yuuna Hanabi
Yuuna Hanabi Vor 33 Minuten
Then i'll just shove the poison to the millionaire, destroy the device, then get the money.
Snowy Vor 33 Minuten
Can i scream and tell the 1 person to move? If i can then i would switch and yell to the person to move but i if i cant then i would just ignore it first of all if i pull the lever i have the guilt of killing a person second if i ignore it then it would just be an accident and it isnt my fault because i ignored it so yeh
Alexander Arebalo
Alexander Arebalo Vor 33 Minuten
Yeah Alex.
Juggernaut 2000
Juggernaut 2000 Vor 34 Minuten
Just drink it
Radman 048
Radman 048 Vor 34 Minuten
put it on loop lol
Mad_ Hunter_
Mad_ Hunter_ Vor 34 Minuten
I, nor any atheist i know, have or has ever used the omnipotence paradox to disprove the idea of an all powerful God.
miner bean
miner bean Vor 35 Minuten
2 seconds in and I am confused
V For Vendetta
V For Vendetta Vor 35 Minuten
Put a sphere and a cube right next to each other, now close your eyes and toss them around and try to figure out which one is the cube and which one is the sphere
barry soka
barry soka Vor 36 Minuten
Y a s
kasxno ren
kasxno ren Vor 36 Minuten
Easy solution to the paradox, if god was powerful enough to create a rock he can not lift that would mean the rock he made would be a piece of his power. Before the rock he had all of his power so in essence he is naturally more powerful 🤷🏾‍♂️(btw if he was able to create it he can destroy it as well which would make him the most powerful person still)
Him Vor 36 Minuten
Damn I might be dababy
Baku Links
Baku Links Vor 36 Minuten
Dilon Ellis
Dilon Ellis Vor 37 Minuten
Immediately walk away