Obed Rivas
Obed Rivas Vor 14 Stunden
Puro viejito 😄😄😄
Angel Urias
Angel Urias Vor 14 Stunden
Que no se le olvide julio cesar Martínez ☝🏿
Willy Amport
Willy Amport Vor 14 Stunden
Das Problem ist das der Weltmeister Immer mit Pluspunkte in ein Kampf Steigt, das heisst das der schon Punkte hat bevor der in ein Kampf geht.
Mr Champ
Mr Champ Vor 14 Stunden
Dude it’s Canelo by KO hands down yildrim stands no chance
BUDZkii TV Vor 14 Stunden
solid asf!
AlbanianMUSLIM Vor 14 Stunden
Jedi Ewok
Jedi Ewok Vor 14 Stunden
Canelo will win this fight 100 percent 👍
Edd Ted
Edd Ted Vor 14 Stunden
Niktia is Russian?! They train.very well!
Daniel Jacobs even he's coach never advice ti use he's advantage (reach advantage)
Daniel Jacobs job NO POWER he's doing useless job
Joseph Hickey
Joseph Hickey Vor 14 Stunden
Lol i didn't even know this fight was happening. Let's go Canelo. Finally a top boxer who wants to fight regularly
Simon A
Simon A Vor 14 Stunden
real champ, respect
Never quit
Never quit Vor 14 Stunden
Mohammad Ali The best boxer of all time none come close
ivan Juarez
ivan Juarez Vor 14 Stunden
Rocky balboa
Kell Kaname
Kell Kaname Vor 14 Stunden
If Canelo allows this bout to go further than the 3rd he’s surely overrated.
BallisticaMetal Vor 14 Stunden
Going against the war at that time, as Ali did, was a synonym for having big iron balls. THE GOAT
Chris Oneil S
Chris Oneil S Vor 14 Stunden
teofimo will destroy kambosos jr
Alblend Vor 14 Stunden
Fatih Tiken
Fatih Tiken Vor 14 Stunden
Hayırlısı inşallah Türkiye Avni Yıldırım
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez Vor 15 Stunden
Jacobs y su pandilla tramposa no pudieron con el corazón y las bolas y la estrategia de canelote y eddy
dvsxavier Vor 15 Stunden
Even GGG's jabs have power in them. I can't wait for the trilogy between Canelo vs. GGG III
dvsxavier Vor 15 Stunden
Wow, that was impressive performance by GGG, his defense has improved and his offense have been sharp against Szeremeta. I'm surprised Kamil lasted thru the 7 rounds
Gavilan Vor 15 Stunden
Canelo a real one for getting this man a bag of a lifetime
yosoy Vor 15 Stunden
No durará mucho ese chico usando esa guardia, es malísimo usándola.
KenNethE Vor 15 Stunden
I think Jackobs win, from Kazakhstan
Lupe Casillas
Lupe Casillas Vor 15 Stunden
Maidana le gano las 2 peleas
Burak Yiğit
Burak Yiğit Vor 15 Stunden
Avni Yıldırım, bu maçın sonucu ne olursa olsun biz senin her zaman arkandayiz. İster yenil, istersen yen. Bir Türk evladısın. Bizleri orada temsil etmen bile yeterli 🤙🇹🇷
Spud head
Spud head Vor 15 Stunden
Pointless fight.
Alva Omega
Alva Omega Vor 15 Stunden
and people said "Ggg only jab canelo"
muhammad ahsan aetazaz
muhammad ahsan aetazaz Vor 15 Stunden
1:22 anybody saw fgteev’s vid and saw mike in this vid?
Hayden Eden
Hayden Eden Vor 15 Stunden
Canelo the guy from Punchout prove me wrong
Bayram Arslan
Bayram Arslan Vor 15 Stunden
Uçan Odun
Uçan Odun Vor 15 Stunden
Tamam da o kulaklık ne ya
Aarón Cameras
Aarón Cameras Vor 15 Stunden
canelo eres unico ...te enfrentas a tipos de mayor estatura y peso.
My Temp Draft
My Temp Draft Vor 15 Stunden
1:59 Manny Pacman!
Eric Saenz
Eric Saenz Vor 15 Stunden
If Martinez had upper body movement he’d be like a mini Tyson. Great job from the young man
Letsgetthis Bread
Letsgetthis Bread Vor 15 Stunden
I thought he was retired ?
hi Vor 15 Stunden
Statistically canelo is the better fighter. But who knows
andres perez
andres perez Vor 15 Stunden
Respects to him 💯🙏🏼
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz Vor 15 Stunden
What’s will smith doing in the ring with canelo
Tonypromaster Vor 15 Stunden
patcom101 Vor 15 Stunden
Those are the type of punches that would rip your soul and spirit out and neither of them to return either.
Fir Az
Fir Az Vor 15 Stunden
a super serious canelo alvares and a very happy avni yildirim. 😂😂
Roger Hernandez
Roger Hernandez Vor 16 Stunden
Why the gimmick with the White Chocolate name? Is it so he may be accepted by the African community as the next great White Hope? Or is it that he is obviously white but fights like a black fighter? Seems like they are focusing on Marketing first and not weather or not his talent will prevail and then earn the nickname. Let's see what happens when he fights someone that fights back....
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Vor 16 Stunden
The Albaninan King 🇦🇱🇽🇰 Proud of him
KA-Pokemon Vor 16 Stunden
What I don't get is why Canelo would even accept this fight because in the end whats he earning besides money he's not getting any new titles!
Rajeev Ranjan
Rajeev Ranjan Vor 16 Stunden
115-113 ggg.
Gutes Obst
Gutes Obst Vor 16 Stunden
Die Türken machen das unmögliche immer möglich Würde ich ja gerne sagen aber wir alle wissen ganz genau das Canelo eine Maschine ist und Yildirim eindeutig den kürzeren ziehen wird 😅😂
Jude Marcos
Jude Marcos Vor 16 Stunden
Canelo is on seek and destroy mode but in a technical and smart way.
Roberto Nice
Roberto Nice Vor 16 Stunden
From the old to the new! Cecilia Brækhus was obviously mentally prepared to hand over her title. Rumour has it that Brækhus will win it back and finally retire before she hits 40🏆🥇🥊💥💨
Richard Rangel
Richard Rangel Vor 16 Stunden
Another knock out victim for Canelo!!
RW Vor 16 Stunden
Robot will sleep 💤
Faze_Peter Vor 16 Stunden
This dude should fight jake not ben askren
Jay Serrano
Jay Serrano Vor 16 Stunden
Labbe Labinot
Labbe Labinot Vor 16 Stunden
Bravo you are aa King marko👏
ranuttg ranut
ranuttg ranut Vor 16 Stunden
Denis Palushani
Denis Palushani Vor 16 Stunden
Hermetic Xhaote
Hermetic Xhaote Vor 16 Stunden
Throwing 100% power 100% of the time is pretty awesome...but also 100% unsustainable.
This fight nonsense. please fight for unified.
İsmail Çakır
İsmail Çakır Vor 16 Stunden
Kardeşim avni şu maçı Bi alda bize mutlu et.
Honsy Jones
Honsy Jones Vor 16 Stunden
CANELO's neck is bigger than my leg
Rosa Saucedo
Rosa Saucedo Vor 16 Stunden
He need's to fight charlo
Ramon Guzman Jr
Ramon Guzman Jr Vor 16 Stunden
Canelo Gang 🇲🇽🥊🔥
cringy vids
cringy vids Vor 16 Stunden
I never seen a a person get knocked down but he is crying of joy ???
Carlos Avila
Carlos Avila Vor 16 Stunden
Team Canelo!!!!!🇮🇹
Rahat Lukum
Rahat Lukum Vor 16 Stunden
Канело сбежал от Бивола с Бетербиевым,но теперь ему некуда бежать от Бека
Al Capone
Al Capone Vor 16 Stunden
Ese Canelo es un fraude. La veré para verlo perder.
Pure Boi
Pure Boi Vor 16 Stunden
Canelo is going to tear him apart man.
is floyd mayweather scared of logan paul or what
renato Estronilo
renato Estronilo Vor 17 Stunden
Matindi c marquez mlkas dn sumuntok,napalaban c Manny kay marquez tie Ang laban mila.kahit anong rrsulta syempre PAquiao pa rin tayo 👍👍
Noizy Shakur
Noizy Shakur Vor 17 Stunden
Florian Marku 🇦🇱🇽🇰👍
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez Vor 17 Stunden
MrDirtylittlesecret Vor 17 Stunden
Marcelo Coceres
Jesse Medina
Jesse Medina Vor 17 Stunden
Welcome to the bigtime Mauricio Lara!!! He throws left hooks like Arturo Gatti..
Kenichi Saito
Kenichi Saito Vor 17 Stunden
Ok it aint my headphones then
Klevis Bicaku
Klevis Bicaku Vor 17 Stunden
Marku 🇦🇱
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Vor 16 Stunden
Looks like amateur boxing 🥊, ohhhh boyyyy hilarious 😂 and funny
el POPULAR' CHUKY Petit Vor 17 Stunden
Saludos de Bogotá de parte de '"el popular '"chuky'" 🇻🇪🇨🇴🇲🇽🇺🇸😤🥊. Gran pelea . Alguien que me ayude a hablar con el señor Eddi , o con salul . Soy disciplinado , y tengo lo necesario para entrenar con ellos . Bendiciones un abrazo.
NTK podcast
NTK podcast Vor 17 Stunden
Well at least he said it's an amuture belt
anders bengtsson
anders bengtsson Vor 17 Stunden
canelo gets a hug, yil got a fistbump
OfficalMG _
OfficalMG _ Vor 17 Stunden
Bro he didn't get knocked out