ChantelCookie Vor 14 Sekunden
English: What, eat Spanish: Como, come,
idraki lost or not found
idraki lost or not found Vor 19 Sekunden
Un ver vert verse un verre vers un verrier vers vingt heure
Sezja Gaines
Sezja Gaines Vor 3 Minuten
What about Pierrot le Poisson Clown?
CallieBestGirl Vor 3 Minuten
Not you not knowing the origin 🙄 It was called Associated Football, and a lot of Rich people in England called it Soccer, so the US just adopted that
Jason T Scott-West
Jason T Scott-West Vor 3 Minuten
He sure loves the French. Perhaps a little too much.
Orion Gaurd
Orion Gaurd Vor 3 Minuten
English it is dysfunctional but we use it anyways
DD S Vor 4 Minuten
Leah613 Vor 4 Minuten
Esposas is not wife. Esposa comes from desposado - agreed-, contract - and EsposaS comes in plural meaning: if you get more than one wife you lack liberty, you go to jail , bigamist Cheater. 🤭🤣🤣🤣👰👰
Rai Eric GB
Rai Eric GB Vor 4 Minuten
Thea Orozco
Thea Orozco Vor 4 Minuten
Ye true this is basically every grade one kid trying to read in a nutshell
The Ruby Red Gamer
The Ruby Red Gamer Vor 5 Minuten
I feel bad for French
•ɢʀᴀᴘᴇʏᴄʜɴᴢ• Vor 5 Minuten
"because you can talk and walk!" *Phones:*
Kynnyck Vor 5 Minuten
Wait till he learns about hiccough.
daniel ROTH
daniel ROTH Vor 6 Minuten
Yea english is piece of shit
CVZIDAN Vor 6 Minuten
Not to me :(
Buebito ConKatsu
Buebito ConKatsu Vor 7 Minuten
Nimadre compa asi no funciona Se usa en diferentes situaciones es como Beach o bitch aunque sean muy parecidos al momento de la pronunciacion lo que cambia es la situacion que puede ser facilmente detectada
ann Vor 7 Minuten
i'm a native spanish speaker and i had to repeat the video like 3 times because i didn't understand the last part, bye.😭
water Ice
water Ice Vor 7 Minuten
The one, polish would go on for an hour there's like 20+ ways to congratulate the word robić (to do)
kokojuiceココヂユス魔入間 Vor 9 Minuten
Dear english. Explain why some of your words have P's that are silent?
MXVAr Vor 9 Minuten
Ton français est magnifique
Willem Schönfeldt
Willem Schönfeldt Vor 9 Minuten
And Dutch came up with a word for beating your penir against something
True Sons Of Mandalore
True Sons Of Mandalore Vor 10 Minuten
I watch these and im waiting for Japanese has entered the chat with like multiple alphabets and hundreds of kanji
NoSlaying Vor 10 Minuten
That must be rough
NoctaIsABox Vor 11 Minuten
As a someone who was raised speaking french, I do think english is more simple ? At least, the verbs are much easier for me. Though I do agree, what the hell we're they thinking when making some of the words in english-
Guillermo Reloba López
Guillermo Reloba López Vor 12 Minuten
Not sexist at all ^^ For starters the word "esposo/esposa" is the same for husband and wife, and it's prior to handcuffs. Handcuffs were named "esposas" because they are two pieces that are meant to be inseperable :)
SirDogs Gaming
SirDogs Gaming Vor 12 Minuten
Not to mention Trough...
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Vor 13 Minuten
So no one in these comments know that Britain came up with the term soccer and they used it in England and spread it to the US until converting back to "football" while the US kept soccer. Y’all hate on the US just to hate
XxJNs HyperxX
XxJNs HyperxX Vor 13 Minuten
COFF!!?? 0:24 LOL😂😂😂
Andrea Basciani
Andrea Basciani Vor 13 Minuten
That's why America should teach latin in schools...
Emily her
Emily her Vor 14 Minuten
Omg the end pffthahstevmejsseeddhdjd 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nice Fcxbox
Nice Fcxbox Vor 15 Minuten
Is a disgrace It’s a fucking disgrace
Roland Katsuragi
Roland Katsuragi Vor 15 Minuten
0:18 I can actually hear the differences
Nyleer Vor 16 Minuten
i love french omg i want to be friends with him
I go by many names
I go by many names Vor 16 Minuten
I called my female friend just that in german and they put in Google translate and thought I was flirting because freundin means female friend and girlfriend
Israel Fish
Israel Fish Vor 16 Minuten
Who started watching this and now it's a everyday thing
AnimeLover Vor 17 Minuten
Aye aye lower your voice before Disney makes a movie about letters with feelings
CopyNiñja Vor 17 Minuten
😂😂😂😂😂 Meme maker at their 200iq lvl..
Deadline tugas
Deadline tugas Vor 17 Minuten
English :"How come my grandfather's chef's toenails are stiff, sis?" Indonesia:"Kuku kaki koki kakak kakekku kok kaku-kaku, kak?"
Jonas Der
Jonas Der Vor 17 Minuten
In dutch its “overmorgen” which literally translates to “overtomorrow”
3 strikes strider 1 Trigger
3 strikes strider 1 Trigger Vor 18 Minuten
Welcome to America
Penguino Vor 18 Minuten
Icebear Tunafish
Icebear Tunafish Vor 19 Minuten
This guy over here is dissing an entire country AND a language AAH WHO CARES
Nitro297 Vor 19 Minuten
This man is an absolute legend
skeR DUDE Vor 19 Minuten
Fact: most of people seeing this use British English
A.W.F Vor 19 Minuten
Banana is a BERRY blackberry IS NOT A BERRY strawberry is straw-berry starts with STRAW that's........... that's a lot of things for my brain to proses good Bay
Laura BoraBee
Laura BoraBee Vor 20 Minuten
English is messed up 😂😂😂
Sr Souka
Sr Souka Vor 20 Minuten
The laptop is at 1 percent lol
Zak Williams
Zak Williams Vor 21 Minute
McholyTheUnholy Vor 22 Minuten
The more I watch these videos, the more I start to understand how hard the English language is
Jay Vor 22 Minuten
Epic Gaming
Epic Gaming Vor 22 Minuten
No, English does make sense to us and for French doesn’t. Other way around too French doesn’t make sense to us.
LowKey Keys
LowKey Keys Vor 22 Minuten
And then there's thorough
Anushka Singh
Anushka Singh Vor 23 Minuten
As a French speaker I couldn't see french roasted
Miguel G
Miguel G Vor 24 Minuten
French: “It depends on the word” Universal: “WHAT?!?!!!” French: “It DepEnDs oN tHe woRd” I’m Dying!!!
Bruh hearing that sentence in French reminds me of my friend who was talking when he was drunk 😂
Laprass Vor 25 Minuten
In indonesia they call it "lusa"
TheRatYes Vor 25 Minuten
French: wut
Anthony Laslo
Anthony Laslo Vor 26 Minuten
Most non French speakers find French confusing because like most European languages it’s sentence structure and grammar is different.
david robinson
david robinson Vor 26 Minuten
si si
si si Vor 26 Minuten
im from mexico n this is funny
Rax Vor 26 Minuten
Ver vert un vererre vere veerse vert vere verr ver ver un se ve veeit ve be everr, 👍
Ngaih Niang
Ngaih Niang Vor 26 Minuten
As a person who can speak French Im so confused
si si
si si Vor 27 Minuten
por que no hay comentarios en español? xD
ray mendez
ray mendez Vor 27 Minuten
Defenestrate clearly a French word from Fenêtre which means window
maybe arka maybe not
maybe arka maybe not Vor 27 Minuten
Our language has a name for the day after tomorrow and the day that comes after that
Cornelius Kurniawan
Cornelius Kurniawan Vor 28 Minuten
Headshot Hunters
Headshot Hunters Vor 29 Minuten
Wusuzususjsjskdjxjjdjdjfeerrrr :v
Leslie Josefina
Leslie Josefina Vor 29 Minuten
“No pues it make sense no?” 😂😂😂
1 2
1 2 Vor 30 Minuten
wow dude english is so weird such a great joke ive never heard this complaint before this is so funny
Basirat Oseni
Basirat Oseni Vor 30 Minuten
There is an old english word for it which is ‘overmorrow’ but it is no longer recognized as part of english lexicon.
TheSnoopyclone Vor 30 Minuten
Context is key.
Javier Illanes
Javier Illanes Vor 31 Minute
Well, English is not far from that hahah
Jayashree Sahu
Jayashree Sahu Vor 32 Minuten
sub_009 Vor 32 Minuten
HAHAHAHA! That last part really got me.😂
Gabriel Kiatrice Lavarez
Gabriel Kiatrice Lavarez Vor 32 Minuten
this is the best french video translator i have ever watch, HAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣
Param Bhimani
Param Bhimani Vor 32 Minuten
whoever made french only learnt 2 letters of the english alphabets: e and v
Liam Does Everything L.D.E
Liam Does Everything L.D.E Vor 33 Minuten
fun fact there is a masculine version of handcuffs
ActuallyThings Vor 34 Minuten
Русский: я в 3А Украинец: о и я в 3А Армян: а я в 4А Татжик: о а я в 2А
Horizon clan is Bad
Horizon clan is Bad Vor 34 Minuten
Did he say the n word?